Aptify Target Groups - Create a View (Step 1)

An Aptify view is a query that identifies persons in Aptify who become the members in a campaign. These members, in turn, become part of a target group in Informz. Let’s look at how to create a Persons View in Aptify.


Click Customer Management on the left sidebar in Aptify to expand the menu.

Click Persons.

Click the More Actions dropdown list in the upper right of the UI and select Create View.

The Create View window opens. Here, you will enter all properties for your view. Begin on the General page and enter a Name for your view.

Click the View Type dropdown list and select List View.

Use the navigation dropdown list to open the Filters page. Click the Plus Sign (+) to create a new filter, and use the provided fields/operators to enter your filter criteria.

Use the navigation dropdown list to open the Fields page. Ensure that you select the ID and Primary Email fields (Informz requires these fields for the subsequent target group).

Click OK to save the view.

What’s Next?

Once you have saved your view in Aptify, you’ll need to create a campaign to organize that view. Check out the related articles to learn more.