Aptify Target Groups - Create a Campaign (Step 2)

Aptify campaigns organize your marketing communications. All campaigns are built around segments connected to views that ultimately hold all people (i.e. email addresses) that receive your communications. Before you begin, make sure you have a view in Aptify. Once you do, you’ll be ready to create a campaign.


Click Campaign Management on the left sidebar in Aptify to expand the menu.

Click Campaigns.

Click the New Campaigns in the upper right of the UI.

The New Campaigns Record tab opens. Enter the following required data (all other fields are optional):

  • Name: The campaign’s name.
  • Type (field): The campaign type (e.g. “Marketing”).
  • Status: The campaign status. Informz requires you to set this to “In-Progress.”
  • Coordinator: The campaign’s coordinator (selected from a list of potential coordinators).
  • Available for Email (checkbox): Ensure that this checkbox is checked (it is required for the campaign to be available in Informz).

When complete, click Save and Close.

A Helpful Hint...

While creating a campaign itself is easy, the best approach to all campaigns is to use a segment in Aptify so that the view/campaign can be updated dynamically. Check out the related articles to learn more!