Aptify Target Groups - Create a Campaign Segment (Step 3)

An Aptify campaign segment updates your campaign prospect lists through your views or through pre-defined SQL. It allows prospect lists to update dynamically based on any changes to the view results. Let’s look at home to create a campaign segment.


Click Campaign Management on the left sidebar in Aptify to expand the menu.

Click Campaigns.

Use the Search Bar to locate and select your campaign.

A new tab opens with your campaign name. In this tab, use the navigation dropdown list to open the Segments window.

Click the New Record icon to create a new segment.

Enter the following required information for the segment:

  • Campaign: The associated campaign. This field defaults to the current campaign.
  • Name: The segment name.
  • Filter Type: Click the dropdown list and select View.
  • View (field): Enter the desired view name.

When complete, click Save and Close.

Smart Segments

Aptify keeps a list of all segments associated with a campaign within that campaign’s tab. Once you have your view, campaign, and segment ready, you can run the Campaign List Builder Wizard.