Aptify Syncing

Sync (aka “Synchronize”) is the term used to describe the process where Informz receives information from Aptify. There are two types of syncs used in the Informz for Aptify integration:

  • Retrieving the list of Aptify campaign prospect list view.
  • Retrieving the subscribers for a particular campaign prospect list view from Aptify.

There are four events that trigger a sync between Informz and Aptify. These occur when a user:

  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List for an Aptify Target Group.
  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List on the Bridge Configuration page.
  • Selects the Info menu option on the Target Group List Page.
  • Sends a mailing to an Aptify Target Group.


This process retrieves all active campaign prospect list views from Aptify (it retrieves all customer records from Aptify for the specific campaign prospect list view).

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Refresh Target Group List to request the campaign prospect list views from Aptify.

Alternatively, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration to access the configuration page’s Refresh Target Group List button.

Please note that retrieving all active campaign prospect lists from Aptify does not update the counts for a specific target group. To update the counts, hover over the Menu icon for a target group and select Info.

Click Info to display a list of subscribers. Each subscriber has a Remote ID, which corresponds directly to the Aptify Person ID. Understanding this connection can be helpful to ensure that you are looking at the correct person record in Informz.

When syncing, always be mindful of the timing of your schedule tasks within Aptify. If the schedule task has not run, syncing in Informz will not alter the subscribers in the target group.


Newly created campaign prospect list views that come into Informz as target groups are placed in the Aptify folder in Informz. These target groups can be moved to different folders.

Sync AND Swim

Remember that Syncing is the way you bring in all of your subscribers from Aptify to Informz. And because syncing occurs in real time, you'll have your target groups populated faster than a group of Olympians racing in the 200 meter backstroke!