Aptify Personalization

Personalizations are a great way to engage your subscribers, and because the Informz for Aptify integration supports many different personalization fields, you’ll never be at a loss when you need to add some subscriber data to your mailings. Let’s look at the different options you have available with personalizations.

  • City
  • Company
  • Company City
  • Company Phone
  • Company State
  • Country
  • First Last
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Member Type
  • Membership Expiration Date
  • Membership Status
  • Membership Years
  • Nickname
  • Outstanding Orders/ Balance Due
  • Primary Email
  • Primary Phone
  • Recent Expired Subscription
  • Recent Order ID
  • Recent Subscription ID
  • Salutation
  • Title
  • Upcoming Meeting
  • Upcoming Registered Meetings
  • Website
  • Zip Code

You can select a personalization field from the Personalization toolbar tool. The personalization code has the following format:


Informz receives the data to populate the code during the mailing send process.



You can access the Attribute window and modify different data elements for your personalizations.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of Attributes (also leads to edit).

Click Edit for your desired attribute. You can modify the following fields:

  • Internal Name
  • Comment
  • Display Name
  • Personalization Default

The Data Element is the Aptify name of the field. It cannot be changed in Informz.

The Personalization Default is used when no value exists for a subscriber's personalization field. The field populated in the mailing defaults to the personalization default value..

If you do not wish to use a particular piece of data from Aptify for personalization, uncheck the Attribute Use: Personalization checkbox.

Custom Personalization Fields

The Informz for Aptify integration supports custom personalization fields. If more personalization fields are needed, identify the desired fields and then contact your Aptify administrator. The administrator must alter the base view (vwPersonCampaignDetails under Campaign List Detail entity) to now include these new fields.

Static personalization fields are also supported.

As above, personalization data is not stored locally in Informz; data is gathered from Aptify just before sending a mailing.

To create a custom Aptify personalization field, first log into Aptify as an administrator.

Click Framework and select Entities.

Click the Find Records (binocular) icon and search for "Campaign."

Double click on the Campaign List Detail row and select Base Views.

Double click on Person Campaign Details and select Fields.

Double click to modify the Display Name.

Click the Entity dropdown list to use a field from another area other than the Campaign List Detail.

Select an Entity. If the requested entity is not joined to the base view, you will need the Join Foreign Key. Click on another field to see which entities have already been joined.

Click the Entity field to see which fields are currently associated with the selected entity.

Select a Field.

Click OK.

Click OK (Base Views Record).

The save must complete successfully and the Database Object record must be generated during the save.

Aptify can assist if the Database object has to be generated by hand.

Mailings with Personal Flair!

Once you understand how to use personalizations, and how to set them up in Informz and Aptify, the sky is the limit. With many options available, do not be shy and be creative with your personalizations!