Aptify Overview

The Informz for Aptify integration provides an effective way to harness the strengths of Aptify and Informz for effective and efficient eMarketing campaigns. Informz provides valuable deliverability services, advanced reporting, and campaign consultation from a dedicated Informz Advisor.

The integration centers on the use of campaigns in Aptify as the source of email addresses for Informz mailings. An Aptify campaign also receives the mailing information sent from Informz as part of the writebacks provided with the integration.

The Informz for Aptify integration delivers the following functionality:

  1. Retrieve a list of campaign prospect list views from Aptify.
  2. Sync target groups, which includes Aptify campaign prospect list view details and counts.
  3. Use Aptify fields for personalization of Informz mailings.
  4. Perform unsubscribe and resubscribe writebacks.
  5. Writeback sent and opened mailing activity.

Aptify users create campaign lists populated with email recipients. These lists are automatically refreshed on a nightly basis by a process flow in Aptify. Additionally, a list can be manually refreshed at any time using the Aptify UI.

Informz integrates with Aptify versions 5.52 and above.

Accessing Aptify

Aptify can be accessed using Aptify Web (browser-based client) and AptifySmart Client (desktop client). Aptify Smart Client is accessed using remote desktop (RDP). The web client is used with Google’s Chrome browser.

Please note that some Aptify administrator-level features are not available on Aptify Web because Aptify Web is more end-user focused.

Also make sure that all of the required integration components have been installed in Aptify for the Informz integration. Please consult the Aptify Informz Integration Installation Guide for full details.

New Dimensions to eMarketing

The integration between Informz and Aptify brings a whole new dimension to email marketing. From deliverability benefits and resources to robust reporting, you'll find that you have everything you need to bring your campaigns and engagement efforts into a whole new stratosphere!