Apply a Border to a Table

When working in Informz, the outline of a table does not show up when you are out of the editing mode. The tables are there to keep all the information securely in its own area. When in editing mode it is helpful to see the outline of a table but when it is published, we don't want that outline to show unless we style it with borders. Read on to learn how to add a border to the table.


Place cursor in the table.

To ensure that the table is selected, click on the table tag in the HTML tag navigator.

Click the CSS button on the toolbar.

Select the Border tab.

Fill out the top row for style, width and color.

To have all four sides of the border look the same, check the box Same for All.

To individually enter in each style, width and color for each side of the border, uncheck the box Same for All.

If a border is not required on one side, leave all fields blank for that one side.

  1. Style: Select the style border (solid, dashed, dotted)
  2. Width: Select the thickness of the border ( 1= thinnest)
  3. Color: Enter in the hexadecimal color for the border. Once it is entered in, the color will show up in the background.

Click Update.

The border will now show up in more then just the edit mode.

What are you waiting for?

There are a lot of ways to customize table borders. Get in there and start showing off all the different ways!