API Quick Start Guide - Introduction and Setup

Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for integrating with Informz. We look forward to partnering with you to help build a successful integration! Much of this information is also found in our Complete Guide, which contains the full swath of abilities, calls, etc. The purpose of this guide is to distill that information down to the core elements necessary to create an effective and fully functioning integration with Informz.


Here are the steps you must complete to set up your environment to work with Informz:

  1. Ensure that your firewall allows a connection to Informz’s web service.
  2. Provide Informz with a list or range of IP addresses that your API requests originate from. We'll add those to a list of allowed IP addresses during the account creation process.
  3. Provide us with the email address, username, and password you wish to have associated with the API user for the account.
  4. Decide if you need to employ encryption.
    1. If no, then a username and password will be established in the account.
    2. If yes, Informz provides you with an encryption key once connectivity with the webservice has been established.
  5. Informz furnishes the following information to be used with your setup/calls (characters in bold are examples only):
    1. <Password>password</Password>
    2. <Brand id="1234">My Brand</Brand>
    3. <User>informz</User>
    4. URL for logging in to partnertest

Test Environment

You can test your work via our publicly available interface: https://partnertest.informz.net/aapi/InformzService.svc

In addition, upon request, Informz can furnish a stand-alone application that allows you to feed XML calls directly into your parntertest account as a way of testing your calls independent of the web service and other development work.

Publicly Moving to Production

Once development and testing are complete, the final step is to move the work to production. Here are the steps you must perform:

  1. Change the endpoint URL to point to:
    1. For the US:  https://partner.informz.net/aapi/InformzService.svc (rather than partnertest)
    2. For Canada: https://partner.informz.ca/aapi/InformzService.svc
  2. Create a user account in Informz, if this is different than what was used during development. This can be done either by a single Informz account used for all calls, or existing user credentials can be passed in to support auditing of the messages.

Schema and WSDL Locations

The Informz XSD can be found at http://partner.informz.net/aapi/schema/InformzService.xsd

The WSDL can be found at https://partner.informz.net/aapi/InformzService.svc?WSDL

API Method

There is a single method in the Informz API. This is:

PostInformzMessage (string)

The input string parameter should be a fully formed XML document.