Answer Marketing Questions - Best Subject Line Length

Subject line length is always an interesting point for analysis. If you have more than a handful of mailings to keep an eye on, look no further than the Best Subject Line Length report to gauge whether a longer or shorter subject line resonates better with your audience.

The Answer Marketing Questions reports are best used with specific filters. When you set your filters, always consider finding a way to create results give you an "apples to apples" style comparison - look for ways to base different reporting results on the same criteria. Whenever you several reports and find that the selected criteria provide some variation, you'll also find valuable insights!


Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing > Summary Report (or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings  and click Reports in the upper right corner). Once you have done so, you may follow the steps to filter the exact mailings you are looking to report on.

Click the View Reports tab.

Expand the Answer Marketing Questions open in the Reports panel.

Select Best subject line length?

You'll see your winning character lengths for subject lines with regards to open and click rates.

Sharing Your Insights

To share this information, simply click the hamburger icon at the bottom of the report table and select the file format that you want to export to.

It Might Be Time to Change the Subject...Line Length!

The subject line is one of the first impressions (along with the sender's identity) that dictates email opens. Aside from the content of that subject line, there is also the matter of how long it is. Take this into consideration as you work to achieve peak performance for your mailings.