Analyze Subscribers - Email Volume

If you were one of your subscribers, how many emails do you think you've been receiving? Do some of your subscribers think they are receiving "too much email" from your organization? Or maybe you're hearing that your subscribers want more?

The email volume report is an great way to get an insight into what quantities of sent mailings work best for your audiences.


Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing Summary Report or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings > click on Reports in the upper right corner. Once you have done so, you may follow the steps to filter the exact mailings you are looking to report on.

Click the View Reports tab

Expand the Analyze Subscribers folder in the Reports panel

Select Email Volume

By now, you'll have an understanding of email volume - averages of how much mail your subscriber base is receiving in the time frame you specified in the mailing summary report filter. Clicking on any bar of the chart will display the list of subscribers in that range.

You are able to export either of these charts as an image file by clicking on the hamburger icon in the bottom right hand corner of the chart.

Turn Up The Volume

Maybe it's not an issue of too many mailings being received per subscriber. Maybe you're not sending enough. If you've got the content, you could have more engagement. Either way, look at your email volume reports - they could be telling you something.