Use Advertisement Reports

Harnessing an advertising strategy can be a very beneficial thing for an organization. Leveraging Informz's advertising feature gets you on your way fast!

To be successful with advertising, you need to be aware of how an advertisement performs. Informz provides two easy-to-use reports that provide insight into this information.


Navigate to Mailing > Reports > Mailing Summary Report (alternatively, navigate to Mailing > View and click the Reports button in the upper right corner).

Select the appropriate filters from the left menu.

Click Update Results.

Click the View Reports tab.

Navigate down to the Advertisements section on the left.

Summary Report

This report looks at each advertisement and provides summarized and "mailing-by-mailing" data that relates the clicks on this advertisement. The Plus (+) icon to the left of the advertisement name expands to show the underlying mailings that distributed this advertisement. The Export feature only exports the advertisement row of data. If you need mailing level data, use the Mailings with Ads report (see below).

Mailings with Ads

This report is presented at the mailing level. Use the column headers to sort on the data that you want to use to organize your analysis. The data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further manipulation, analysis, and reporting outside of Informz.

Data Power

Knowing where to find these reports and what kind of data they present, gives you the tools you need to understand how your advertisements are performing. If you provide advertising opportunities for other organizations, in your mailings, this will help to report out to them too.