Add a Social Account

Social Posting allows you to effortlessly post a link to a published mailing on your organization's social network sites. For example, let’s say you are creating a January Newsletter. You would create a social post that said something like “Hey, check out the January Newsletter.” Then, when you send the mailing, the social post publishes simultaneously. Let's learn how to do this!


Navigate to Admin > Setup > Social Accounts.

Click Create.

Select either FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

Log into any of these accounts to connect Informz to your social account.

Please note that social accounts do not work with LinkedIn Company Pages (pages in LinkedIn that provide high-level company overviews, etc.).

Important Note

It is important to keep in mind that if you are already logged in to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn when you select the icon in Informz, it will automatically sync with that account. Be sure to be logged out of any social media accounts that you do not want Informz to connect to. There is one exception, however. If you are the admin for the organization's Facebook page, then you'll have to have your personal account added as well. Before you are able to publish, you'll select the social accounts where you want to post your mailing information.