Add Personalization to a Subject Line

If you are looking for that one little thing that may entice your readers to click and open your mailing, why not consider personalizing your subject line?

This tactic displays data from a personalization field from Informz (or your integrated database) in the subject line. When we know that a communication is legitimate, based on the Friendly From, and we see our first name, renewal date, or other piece of relevant information, we're more likely to have our curiosity piqued and therefore be more likely to open the mailing.

Because this is quick and easy to do, and because this has been found to have a noticeable, positive impact on open rates, why not give it a try?


Create, or edit, a mailing.

Click on the Subject Line on the Set-Up tab.

Place the cursor where you'd like the personalization field to appear in the subject line.

Click on the Insert Personalization button to the right of the subject line text box.

Click the Personalization Type dropdown list and select a source for the personalization field to use.

Select a personalization field and click Insert.

The %% personalization code becomes part of the subject line.

How Engaging!

The appropriate use of personalization in a subject line helps your overall engagement with your subscribers. Just make sure that you don't use the same field it all the time. If you always insert the first name field, for example, it eventually loses its effectiveness as your readers become accustomed to always seeing their names there. Vary your personalization and use it to make your subject line "pop!"