Add Campaign Steps

Choreographing the steps of your campaign is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other!  Even if you have two left feet, your campaigns will be dancing in no time!  Each campaign step determines which emails are triggered to go out to a subscriber, when they are triggered, and when to check to see if the subscriber has taken the appropriate actions to be moved on to the next step.  To add a campaign step, simply drag and drop to place a step onto the Campaign Designer Canvas.

Campaign Steps

Mailing: This represents the mailing sent to the subscriber.  You can choose from existing mailings that already exist, or build new mailings from scratch.

Notify: There's nothing worse than having to rely on another program to provide information to you. It's doubly worse if that's a manual step. The notify step easily notifies internal staff when a subscriber reaches a certain step in the process. This is a great way to do process oversight or to inject some human outreach at critical junctures. This step supports a single email address - which can be an individual email address or the email address of a distribution list.

Profile: Getting to know your subscriber is always important. Use the profile step to automatically add or remove a subscriber to an interest based upon their behavior in the campaign. Let the automation do the work for you and get better targeting capabilities to boot!

Wait: Establishing a cadence for the campaign is a key factor in how your subscribers react to it. The wait step must be inserted before any and all decide steps, but it can also be inserted after any step to add space in the campaign. There are several different options in the Wait step.

  • Fixed Amount of Time: Waits a predetermined amount of time.
  • Until Day of Week: Specify a day of the week, time of day, and the time zone.
  • Until Day of Month: Specify the day of the month, the time of day, and the time zone. Please note that if the date selected is invalid (e.g. February 31), the step defaults to the last day of the selected month.
  • Until Event Occurs: Specify an event (an open or click of a previously sent mailing) and the maximum amount of time to wait. Please note that this step requires a mailing (if there is no mailing, the campaign reports an error).

Wait steps can be chained/linked together.

Decide: A decision checks if a subscriber has performed a specific action like an open or a click, or check to see if they belong to a specific target group before moving the subscriber on to the next step. Both of these actions indicate some kind of conversion aligned with the goals of the campaign.

Date: This step in the campaign designer that branches a campaign based on the calendar date. It is particularly useful for fixed-date campaigns and events that can add late subscribers. Users can input a fixed date. If it is before the fixed date, the campaign will follow one path, and if it is after the fixed date, the campaign will follow an alternative path. Typically, you’ll set a date in the future so that the flow can change when the date arrives.

Campaign: The campaign step allows you to select another existing campaign to flow your subscribers into once they have reached a certain step in the campaign that they are already in. This is a great way to make campaigns reusable and flexible.

Comment: This simple feature is a game changer! This allows you to have embedded documentation in each campaign. A good comment will include the rationale for a step, who's responsible, what can be changed, what metric to watch for, etc. Make liberal use of the comment.

Stop: Every campaign has a start and stop! Informz lets you create multiple Stop steps on the campaign canvas. This step only has an input node, and it is used so that you do not need to draw a long line from a step to the final stop step (this should help ease the design of long flows). Note that while you will see additional Stop steps in the flow, these will all end up at the final stop step.

Step It Up!

The power of an organized, clearly understood, and methodical campaign cannot be underestimated. These steps are the building blocks you use to automate your communications campaigns. Get creative! Try that approach that you've been dreaming about. And, if you need a little guidance or inspiration, talk to your Advisor.