Add Calendar Events

Staying organized is key! When you have multiple people using Informz, it can be difficult to remember when each mailing is going out. Informz has got you covered and includes a calendar that each Informz user can view to prevent mailings from overlapping.

If you want to have the most efficient email marketing team possible, use the calendar and get organized!


Navigate to Mailings > View.

Select the Calendar tab on the right hand side of the screen.

A new window will appear with the calendar view.

Here you have the ability to sort the Calendar by Month, Week or Day. You can also sort by folders.

Click Add to Calendar.

Fill out the Name.

Select a Start and End date.

Select a Folder to store it in.

Select a Color to have it labeled as on the calendar.

Description is optional.

Click Save.

The name will populate on the calendar with the date set in the above step.

Wait...There's More!

We know that things change very often so we have a great feature built in so you can quickly change the date on the calendar. If you click on the name of the calendar item, you have the ability drag and drop it to a new date.