Mailing Calendar Key

This specific calendar option allows you to see your mailing activity for the month, week, or day (learn more about the calendar events here). This feature allows you to see if you are sending too many or too few mailings. It is best practice not to bombard your subscribers with lots of mailings daily. Using this calendar ensures that the mailings being sent out do not interfere or overlap with other mailings being sent out of the account.

There are five types of mailings that Informz displays on the calendar for you.

  • Past Mailings: Mailings that have been sent prior to today.
  • Scheduled One-time Mailings: Mailings with a send date in the future.
  • Scheduled Recurring Mailings: Mailings that send multiple times in the future.
  • Tentatively Scheduled Mailings: Mailings planned to send in the future, but not actually scheduled.
  • Tentatively Scheduled Mailings that were not sent: Mailings with a tentative date that were never sent.
  • Other Colors: You can select colors for any calendar item your add manually.

Folder System

In addition to colors, you can also view by mailing folder. This is another way to stay organized. Simply click the folder dropdown list to select a specific mailing folder's mailings on the calendar.

Knowledge is Power

Take advantage of the calendar! By coordinating your mailings, you'll ensure the best possible deliverability. To learn more about how to add your own items to the calendar, check out the related articles.