Add or Remove Columns in a List View

When using Informz, you’ll undoubtedly notice several different customizable list views. These views appear in many different parts of the interface, including (but not limited to) the following pages:

  • Mailing Activity Report (MAR)
  • Mailing Summary Report (MSR)
  • Mailings View
  • Subscriber Pop-Up
  • Subscriber Search
  • Target Group Pop-Up

There is a lot of data in these views, so Informz lets you customize the displayed columns so that the information you see fits your needs.


In most list views, you’ll see a Columns button. Click this button to open the Select Columns window.

The Select Columns window displays two lists:

  • Selected Columns (left)
  • Unselected Columns (right)

To add a column to the view, click the Plus Sign button (+) next to an Unselected Column. To add all columns, click Add all.

To remove a column from the view, click the Minus Sign button (-) next to a Selected Column. To remove all columns, click Remove all.

The columns appear in the list view in order from top to bottom. Use the Double-Headed Arrow icon to rearrange columns by dragging and dropping.

Click Ok to save your changes.

Corinthian Columns? Or Perhaps Doric?

While list view columns may not have the same embellishments as those you’d find in Ancient Greece and Rome, they are far more useful to your organization’s mailing campaigns than their classical counterparts. By organizing columns in a list view to your preference, you can quickly reference things that are important to you. Likewise, with this data at your command, you can efficiently understand where you might need improvement and where you are doing well.