Add a New Survey Question

Adding a question is the basic step in creating a survey. Informz has many question types to choose from as you design your survey. Once a question is created on the page, they can be reordered and edited as needed.


Add New Question

Clicking the Create New Question button brings you to the Modify Question page, where the question can be added.

  • Question: In this field, type the question exactly how it should appear on the survey page.
  • Personalization Code: This link allows for personalization codes to be inserted into a question, merging stored information with the question content.
  • Question Name: If you choose to add this question to the question bank, this field provides for the display title.
  • Instructions: If the question requires instructions, enter them here. 
  • Type: Choose the type of question from the dropdown menu. 
  • Style: Select how the question, answers, and instructions should display on the survey.
  • Answer Required?: Select this box if an answer is required for this question to continue the survey. 
  • Horizontal Question Widths: If using a horizontal question style, this dictates the width of the question, instructions, and answers. 
  • Add to Question Bank?: Select this box if the question should be added to the question bank.
  • Folder: Select a folder to store questions in the question bank.
  • Click the Add Question button to add the new question to the survey page.

Question Types

  • Range: You can set a range however long you want as well as what the right and left labels should say.
  • Select: Country:  This is a drop down list of all countries to choose from.
  • Multiple Choice: You can have as many choices as you want and choose what the choices should say.
  • Long Answer: This is just an empty text box that survey takers can write in freely (8,000 characters maximum).
  • Yes or No: Survey takers can choose yes or no.
  • Not Satisfied or Satisfied: Survey takers can choose not satisfied or satisfied.
  • Statement: Completely customizable area that can be included in the survey. This allows survey takers to use the editor to customize the "look". Commonly this is used to include a picture and bio or text that is hyperlinked.
  • Short Answer: This is a one line empty text box for survey takers to write in a short answer (200 characters maximum).
  • Select: State: This is a drop down list of all states to choose from.
  • Short Answer: Phone: This is a one line text box to enter a phone number.
  • True or False: Survey takers can choose true or false.
  • Opt-In: The survey takers can opt-in to be apart of a target group.
  • Short Answer: Email: This is a one line text box to enter an email address.
  • Poor to Excellent: This is a range from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

Depending on the question type selected, an additional page may display for a question to add further details. The screenshot below shows the second page to enter the options for a multiple choice question.

  • Answers: Enter a multiple-choice answer in each field to be displayed on the survey. 
  • Add Choice for Other: Check this box if an “Other” option should be given to survey-takers. This is a freeform fillable field where the survey-taker can input an alternate answer.
  • Allow Multiple Selections: Check the box if recipients can choose more than one answer. 
  • Display in a Dropdown: Answers can be displayed within a dropdown menu by selecting this option. Otherwise the answers will all be listed on the page, with checkboxes or radio buttons for selection.
  • Click the Make Changes button to complete this part of the question-creation process.

As a best practice, during the planning process, determine how many questions to display on each page and how many pages should comprise the entire survey. This helps create the survey more efficiently. Once the decision about how many questions should display on each page, add as many new pages as needed, or select the Thank You button if all the pages and questions have been added.      


When creating a survey, HTML tags can be used when creating questions, choices, or range labels to give it some character.

These HTML tags work directly in the survey:

<b>text goes here</b> - Bold
<i>text goes here</i> - Italicize
<u>text goes here</u> - Underline
<br> - Line Breaks
<center> - Alignment

Don't Question Your Ability!

You now have all of the information to ask any type of question, so go get some answers!