Add Domains to the Informz Web Tracking Setup Page

Configuring Informz to accept web tracking data is painless! Once you put the Informz JavaScript code on your website, simply add the domains that your organization owns and that you wish to track. Remember, your account already has custom JavaScript for you to use on your website..


Navigate to Admin > Setup > Web Tracking.

Click Add New Domain to enter any of your organization’s domains.

Enter all appropriate information in the following fields:

  • Domain Name: This is the name of your domain. Do not include anything before the actual domain name (e.g. http://, https://, or www.)
  • IP Addresses to Ignore: If you have any internal IPs that are likely to hit the website regularly, you can filter these so that they do not store/trigger additional activity (their activity could potentially skew reports!). This information can be updated at any time.
  • Parameters to Retain: If navigation within your website occurs by changing a parameter on the URL (e.g. Wordpress), you can enter the name of the parameter(s) so that the tracking recognizes this as a separate web page.

Click Add Domain.

Simple and Repeatable!

Following these steps, you can add as many additional domains as you need. Just remember that the JavaScript must be in place before you start tracking in Informz.