Add an Advertisement to Your Mailing

Advertising has always been part of email marketing, and it's a great way to share information from your organization or your partner organizations. Regardless of your reason for advertising (finances or promotion), Informz makes it easy to add advertisements by using one process.


There are three steps to follow when adding an advertisement.

  • Adding a Content Location to Your Template
  • Uploading an Advertisement
  • Placing the Advertisement in Your Mailing

Adding a Content Location to Your Template

When adding an advertisement to your mailing, the first step is to ensure that your template contains ad locations.

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View and locate your desired template. Hover over the Menu icon and select HTML to modify the template.

If your template does not contain any ad location codes, click the HTML Editor's Content Code icon.

The Insert Content Codes window opens. Click Location Tag under the Ads heading to create a new location code for your ad.

When you add an advertisement location, you must have a numeric value between the parentheses. Informz uses this value to define the location itself.

Once you've added the location code, click Update to save your template. Below you'll see a preview of an advertisement location alongside an Informz content location.

Uploading Your Advertisement

To learn how to create an advertisement, click here! Remember that advertisements should never be larger than the table they are located within in a template.

Placing the Advertisement in Your Mailing

Navigate to Mailings > View and locate your desired mailing. Hover over the Menu icon and select edit. Once in the mailing's design tab, you'll see an advertisement location.

Click Attach Ad.

Click the dropdown list and select your desired 

Click Attach to finish. Your ad now appears in your mailing.

Don't Forget the Reports!

One of the more powerful features you'll discover when using advertisements are the reports that accompany them. The data you'll find are powerful when analyzing the metrics from your mailings.