Add a Story to a Mailing

Stories are the heart and soul of your mailing. All stories are built in Mailing Designer in Mailing Content Areas, which are indicated by the Add Story button. These layouts are defined in the template, and are set up with all the settings you'll need to tell your organization's story.


In Mailing Designer, open a mailing that you are building.

Click Add Story to start adding mailing content.

The available story types appear in a menu next to the Mailing Content Area. Click the story type you would like to add to your mailing. This launches the story's properties. 

Now, you can add content and format it as necessary using the text properties editor. Note that editing options may be limited based on the Theme properties in the template!

Share and Share Alike!

You probably have a lot of great content to share with your subscribers, and now, with the click of a button, you'll be on your way to getting it to them quickly and efficiently. Just think - the less time you spend wrestling with HTML while formatting your content, the more time you'll have to improve its quality and to make sure it is more engaging! That sounds like a "win-win" proposition!