Accounting Codes

Accounting codes is an easy to use feature to categorize groups of mailings within an organization. Historically, this is usually used for an internal "bill back" process between departments. If you broaden your thinking a bit, you can use this in any situation where you want to group together various mailings.

A monthly report is available that will show the number of mailings sent for a particular code for that period of time.


Navigate to Admin > Setup > Mailing Accounting Codes > View All to create or manage your accounting codes.

Click Add Accounting Code to add additional codes and complete the form.

One accounting code has to be considered the default accounting code. This is used if you don't make a specific selection on a mailing.

Once you have created your codes they can be applied to a mailing. Navigate to the Set-Up tab and then the Advanced section. Select the appropriate accounting code for your particular mailing.

Once you have some data for your accounting codes with mailings, navigate to Admin > Setup > Mailing Accounting Codes > Report to see the monthly reports that are available..

Try It!

This is a great little feature to help evaluate the email marketing usage and output of various parts of your company. You can always ask your Advisor for help coming up with new ideas about how to use it!