A/B Testing

A/B testing is a feature that allows testing of variations of your mailing. The basic approach is this - take your target group and identify a reasonable percentage as your test group. Send half of the test group one version, and the other half a different version. By examining which version did better, you become attuned to what your subscribers prefer.

Within Informz you can A/B test the following:

  • Friendly From
  • Subject Line
  • One Story
  • All Stories

Testing helps you to determine what changes can be implemented to improve delivery and open results. Remember, every email marketing pro embraces testing!


The A/B Testing feature is found on the Set-Up tab of a mailing. Click Edit to select the type of test you wish to perform on this mailing.

On the next screen select the radio button for which type of testing you would like to do. The default is always “None” unless specified by the sender. This example shows the Friendly From option.


If you select Friendly From or Subject Line, the Envelope section of the Set-Up tab expands to allow you to create both versions of either the friendly from or subject line. These are shown below.

To edit, simply click Edit to open a new pop-up window.

Click Update to save the change.

Friendly From

Subject Line

Testing a subject line is a very worthwhile exercise. The subject line remains a very important factor in whether a mailing is opened or not. It's definitely worth your while to do some testing.

One Story

Testing one story at a time is a good approach when you are wondering if the layout of the stories in your mailing could be improved.

When the One Story option is selected within the Set-Up tab you will subsequently see A/B Versions of the mailing displayed within the Design tab.

Click on the A Version and the content for that mailing version will appear. Pick a story within the A Version of the mailing and select "edit." This One Story option only allows a single story within the mailing to be tested. 

Click the check box to Enable A/B Testing for this Story In the editor window that appears.

Next, click on Copy A content to Versiontab.

This action will automatically copy and paste all of the HTML from Version A of your mailing and paste it into Version B of your mailing. Go into Version B and make the changes you want - compared to the A version - and then save that story.

You can toggle between the A and B versions using the available tabs shown below.

All Stories

 This testing option enables testing on every story in your mailing. The process to create and edit a story is identical to the One Story option.


Once you have completed creating your mailing and are ready to send, the A/B Test option you've selected is displayed on the Send tab.


To check the status of the mailing after it has been sent, navigate to the Sent tab on the mailing list page.

Hover over the icon to the left of the mailing name and select Report. A comparison of both mailing versions is displayed.

If You Need Extra Assistance...

 Reach out to your dedicated Advisor!