AAAE Accelerates Event Attendance by 25%

March 13, 2017

Online shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. (Yes, I consider shopping a hobby.) If your online shopping habits are anything like mine, you don’t always get to complete a purchase at the time you want to because something comes up and you get pulled away from your computer.

Hours or even days pass, and suddenly that online retailer you were browsing is in your inbox telling you you’ve left something in your cart, or they’re offering you a promotion on items you were looking at.

These types of campaigns – often referred to as abandoned shopping cart campaigns – are successful because they tap into two critical aspects of effective marketing: timing and relevancy.

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) applied the concept of an abandoned shopping cart campaign to their annual conference promotions and was 25% ahead on early registration.

And (yes, it gets better), AAAE can attribute just over almost $20,000 in revenue for their event to these campaign efforts. They had the highest event attendance in five years.

Here’s How AAAE is Knocking Registration Out of the Park:

  • AAAE is targeting two specific segments of their audience: members who have visited the event website at least five times and members who have visited the registration page but have not yet registered (classic “abandoned cart” methodology). Web tracking identifies the targets.
  • Once a subscriber hits the designated criteria, they enter an automated campaign comprised of five emails sent over a 20-day period. Emails promote the event, offer justification letters, and remind potential attendees of the value of the conference. If they register during this time, they are removed from the series.
  • Emails in the campaign are averaging a 50% open rate and a 17% click rate – proof that timely, relevant emails will achieve above-benchmark metrics.

Beth Arritt, Director, Marketing, at AAAE, is thrilled with these results. “We’ve touched the audience when it was ‘just in time.’ And the fact that we can track over $20,000 directly to clicks in the campaign – it’s fantastic.”