2018-04-19 Release Notes

This release focused on releasing our new authentication (DKIM) set up feature and some bug fixes.

More Deliverability Tools

Preserving an organization’s sender reputation is an important thing in the world of email marketing and marketing automation. Having a bad, or even questionable, sender reputation dramatically increases the likelihood of emails be blocked or flagged as spam – not good no matter how you cut the spam.

DKIM, which stands for domainkeys identified mail is designed to associate a sender’s domain with an email message, vouching for its authenticity. DKIM ensures that an email claiming to be sent from a domain was actually sent from that domain. This occurs by the outbound mailing having a digital signature associated with it. This signature (hidden from the email recipient) is then validated by looking up a public key in the sending organization’s DNS. The net of this is that DKIM assures that the message sent was from who the sender is claiming to be and that none of the content or attachments, were altered en route.

As great as DKIM is, it does involve a some IT work to change your Directory Name Service (DNS). Therefore, it can sometimes be a challenge to implement. We've created an easier way to get the information you need to configure and test DKIM.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Email Authentication to get to the new page. If you've previously established DKIM, you'll see your authenticated domains in the list at the top of the page.

To add a new domain, simply enter the domain 

and click the Get Instructions button.

These instructions give you exactly what you need to work with your IT specialist to add the needed entries to your DNS.

Once your DNS has been updated, click the Test button to confirm. If the configuration checks out, the domain appears at the top of the page. If the test fails, you can quickly reach out to your IT specialist to verify the settings and retest.

Landing Page Export

A bug was fixed where when exporting data around the use of a landing page, it would get stuck on "processing" on the screen.

Voting Writeback to iMIS 

A bug was fixed where data from a ballot would not write back to iMIS.