2018-05-01 Release Notes

This release has ushered in the support for advertisements for the latest template and mailing designers. There are also some fixes and enhancements.


The ability to create, manage, and use advertisement images in the newest designers has been added to Informz. If you've already been using advertisements, you'll love the way it's now part of the new designers. If you haven't incorporated advertisements into your campaigns and mailings, maybe it's time to give it a try!

The Template

There is a new type of Mailing Content layout for advertisements. Drag a content area into a section on the design canvas and then select Advertisement from the Content Type dropdown.

Simply provide a name for the area and then choose the maximum number of advertisements permitted in that layout area.

The Advertisements

Navigate to Mailing Designer 2 > Advertisements to manage your advertisements. Click the Create button to establish a place for your advertisement image. If the Ad Type dropdown is enabled, select Image. For accounts created since 2017, this will be the only available option. Click Upload to bring the image into Informz. Enter the URL to redirect to when clicked, and enter a text version of the advertisement. 

When the advertisement is ready to be inserted into a mailing, set the Status to Active and click Save. Remember - an advertisement must be active to be able to be selected for a mailing!

The Mailing

Click the Add Advertisement button to select any active advertisement image. 

If no advertisements are active, you will see this message:

Fixes & Enhancements

  • A row height of zero was previously permitted. That has been removed.
  • Updated connection methodology to connect to a new Facebook account
  • Added validation to check for a text version of a mailing when using the Paste from HTML create option