2018-04-13 Release Notes

This release includes a variety of fixes and changes.

New iMIS Bridge Page

The page previously referred to as the iMIS Bridge Repair page, has been replaced by a new iMIS Bridge Test page. The new page tests the iMIS connection to see if it is working, or not. It is a streamlined testing experience!

Here is The KnowledgeBase article about the new iMIS Bridge test page.

db_owner Permission for iMIS Integration

The iMIS integration has moved away from requiring the db_owner permission for the Informz user account used by the integration. Instead, the appropriate permissions are assigned on individual objects - tables, views, and stored procedures. 

The on-screen text for creating a SQL View target group has been specifically updated to reflect this change.

Send Test (MD2)

The Send Test feature in MD2 was changed to better accommodate testing mailings that use story level targeting. This will reduce the time required for the test to send successfully.

Duplicate Registrants Appear in Event Reports

There was an issue where duplicate registrants were appearing in Event reports. This has been addressed.

Accessing the Login Page using HTTP

If you inadvertently try to access the Informz login page using HTTP, you will be automatically redirected to a secure HTTPS connection.