2018-04-05 Release Notes

This release is variety of fixes and some enhancements to TDMD2.

Removed Undelete for a Deleted Authorized User

To streamline the management of authorized users, the ability to undelete a previously deleted authorized user has been removed. The creation of a new authorized user - even if the new account's associated email address is the same email as a previously delete authorized user - occurs without issue.

Added iCalendar on Insert Hyperlink in MD2

Informz now supports the insertion of iCal. This is an update to the vCal support found in MD1. Each iCal is created dynamically as part of the Insert Hyperlink feature. This is different from vCal in that a vCal had to be created outside of a mailing.

Once the iCalendar option is selected, the properties window opens to accept the details about the calendar item.

By default, the click of an iCal hyperlink is tracked as a clicked link in engagement activity. Clicking the Disable tracking checkbox suspends that tracking of an iCal hyperlink.

Copying MD2 Mailings and Templates to Child Account

The way that a MD2 mailing is copied to a child account has been improved. Previously, the template associated with the mailing was copied each time the mailing was copied. This resulted in many additional templates being created in the childe account.

Using the name of the template, the updated process checks if the template exists in the child account. If it does, the template is not copied and the template ID in the copied mailing is updated to use the template already in the child account. If the template does note exist, it is copied into the child account.

If the template's structure is different than the last version stored with the MD2 mailing, a prompt displays to update the template - or not - used with the mailing. If the change between template versions is a new image or a change to the theme settings (e.g. font size, padding, color), this is a minor update. If the change is due to differences in sections or columns, stories may be repositioned within the structure.  


Fixes were made for the following situations:

  • Improved the drag and drop functionality for stories in a MD2 mailing
  • Fixed an issue where "<" in content caused a rendering issue in a MD2 mailing
  • Fixed an issue where MD2 doesn't load when trying to edit a follow-up mailing attached to a Landing Page
  • Fixed an issue where MD2 send options, other than Now, can be selected in non-Chrome browsers