2018-03-21 Release Notes

This release introduces two new features for MD2 and a variety of fixes.

New Features

Send Test for MD2

The ability to send a single test mailing with all stories has been added. This is a feature in MD1 that's been introduced to MD2. This is often a faster way to generate a test mailing than the "All versions" option because separate versions of the mailing are not being generated.

Targeted Subject Line Test

A test that had been in MD1 has been reintroduced to MD2. Initially each targeted subject line is displayed along with the last count for the target group. This is a great way to understand the likely reach of your targeted subject lines.

Once the Run Test button has been clicked, the counts for this mailing's subscribers are displayed.


Exporting Event Data 

There was a report of exported event report data appearing in cell A1 in Excel. Data now appears in the proper columns and rows.

Event Refund Report

An issue was resolved when trying to access the refund report.

Improved Drag & Drop for a Copied Story in MD2

An issue surfaced where a copied story was not draggable to a new location. This has been fixed.

AM/PM Not Holding

In very rare cases, it was observed that sometimes the AM and PM settings of a scheduled send time could become switched. A fix was put into place to counteract this occurrence.

Reviewer with A/B Tests

An issue was addressed where when using the Reviewer, the tester only received the A version of the mailing to review.