2018-03-13 Release Notes

This release contains a number of fixes and a few changes. This release is part of ongoing maintenance efforts.

Template Theme

In response to customer input, additional line height values were added to the text element in the Template theme.

Export to Excel

A bug was fixed when data was being exported to Excel from the Sent Tab for MD2 mailings.

Hide Redistribute Email Block

The Redistribute Email Block is now hidden if the Share Email Block extension is enabled. This means that the automatic redistribution of email blocks occurs without user interference.

Google Analytics

An issue was addressed where Google Analytics URLs in the text version of a MD2 mailing were not being structured properly.

Share Ballot Results

Due to this feature not aligning with some recent changes made to further enhance security, it has been disabled for the time being. 

End of Life for D3000 Integration 

The Informz integration to D3000, an application for convention and visitor bureaus, has reached end of life. This integration is no longer available.