2018-01-04 Release Notes

This release includes major enhancements to Template and Mailing Designer 2 (TD/MD2). We've also included a BETA feature that supports selecting multiple target groups in MD2 mailings.

MD2 – Mobile Images

You can now hide mobile images in MD2 mailings, completely removing them from the mobile version (this also affects images in custom layouts).

After you’ve added an image to your mailing content, click it to open the Image Properties panel. Then click the Content tab.

Click the For Mobile Version dropdown list and select Hide Image. This prevents the image from displaying in the mobile version of the mailing.

To confirm this, navigate to the Review & Send tab. Click the Mobile Version preview. The image will not be displayed in the preview.

MD2 – Multiple Target Group Inclusion (BETA)

You can now include multiple target groups in MD2. This change affects all target groups listed below (asterisks indicate that these groups must include the target type extension option):

  • Integrated Groups (where applicable)
  • Action-Based
  • Campaigns*
  • Compound
  • Demographics
  • Email Client
  • Engagement Score*
  • General
  • Interests
  • Landing Pages*
  • Lead Score*
  • Personalization
  • Persona*
  • Report
  • Voting*

To include/exclude multiple target groups, MD2 creates a “behind-the-scenes” compound target group to manage your recipients.

Please keep in mind that these behind-the-scenes target groups cannot be edited directly. Additionally, any included or excluded target group in this behind-the-scenes compound target group cannot be deleted from the target group list page. During this BETA time period it is best to use a long standing target group that you are unlikely to delete or a new target group specifically for testing this feature. 

Again, please remember that this feature is considered a BETA version because there is still some forthcoming work. However, we wanted to release it so that we can get your input.

Update (2018-01-04): The Mailing Activity Report's Options tab is currently unpopulated/blank for mailings that use multiple included/excluded target groups.

Maximum Target Groups

You can simultaneously include 25 maximum target groups and exclude 25 maximum target groups (50 total). You will see a corresponding error message if you reach any of these limits.

Copying MD2 Mailings with Targeting Options

If you copy MD2 mailings with existing targeting options (include/exclude), the target groups carry over to the new copy.

Story-Level Targeting

You can only include one target group for story-level targeting.


You can filter Mailing Summary Reports (MSR) to show multiple-inclusion mailings when filtered by either included or excluded target groups.

When a mailing uses multiple included/excluded target groups, the Mailing Activity Report (MAR) will display the total number of subscribers who received the mailing as well as a list of the included and excluded target groups. It does not display the individual counts for each target group. If the mailing uses story-level targeting, the MAR displays the details for the story-level target group for each corresponding story.

Inclusion and Exclusion Target Groups in the UI

MD2 considers excluded target groups as “in-use” in mailings even though they are used to exclude recipients.

Mailing Calendar

The following calendar events show tooltips that list target group names (these will list all included/excluded target groups):

  • Scheduled One-Time Mailings
  • Scheduled Recurring Mailings
  • Tentatively Scheduled Mailings
  • Tentatively Scheduled Mailings that Were Not Sent

MD2 – Targeted Subject Lines

MD2 now supports targeted subject lines.

In MD2, navigate to Options tab > Envelope.

Check the Use Targeted Subjects checkbox. This expands the page to reveal the Targeted Subject Lines heading.

Click Edit to add a target group for your targeted subject line. Click the Plus (+) icon to include the corresponding target group.

Please note that you can only include one target group at a time. Recipients must be in both an included target group and the designated target group.

Enter the targeted subject line in the Subject Line field. Click the Personalization icon to add any personalizations to the subject line. Please note that while MD2 adds the personalization to the targeted subject line, it will not appear in the Personalization Test.

To add an additional target subject lines, click Add Targeted Subject. To delete a subject line, click the Delete icon (trash can).

Use the Up and Down arrows to rearrange your subject lines. This is important because any recipient that matches multiple targeted subject lines will receive the first match that appears in the list.

If recipients do not match any of the targeted subject line criteria, they will receive the default subject line.

Keep in mind that you must have a target group assigned to each subject line before you can save or send your mailing. Similarly, each subject line field must contain text. Finally, note that using targeted subject lines disables A/B testing for subject lines.

MD2 – Template Tab

We have updated the MD2 Template tab to allow you to return to the selected template for the mailing in order to edit it.

Click Edit to open TD2 (this automatically saves your work in MD2).

When you’ve made all your modifications, click Return. The MD2 Design tab opens automatically with the updated template (you will see a warning message noting that there is a new template available).

We made the following Template tab updates:

  • The template used in the mailing always displays as the first item (regardless of the folder selection).
  • You can edit the in-use template even if that template is deactivated.
  • You cannot edit an in-use template if it has been deleted. This disables the Edit button.

Only users with template editing permissions can make changes. The Edit button is disabled for all other users.

Reports – Bounces, Opens, and Clicks

Users in MD2-only accounts can now access the Bounces, Opens, and Clicks by Date report (Mailing Designer 2.0 > Reports > Bounces, Opens, and Clicks by Date). We have updated the corresponding classic reports for MD1 and MD2 accounts (Mailings > Reports > Bounces, Opens, and Clicks by Date).