2017-12-14 Release Notes

This release includes several enhancements and fixes to Mailing Designer 2 (MD2).

MD2 – Header Layouts

We have modified the default header layouts in MD2 and divided them into two categories:

  • Headers with a hyperlink to the web version (default text).
  • Headers without a hyperlink to the web version (no default text).

We added three additional default headers with this change:

  • Logo and Social Icons
  • Logo Centered
  • Logo on Left

MD2 – Mailing Summary Report (From HTML Mailings)

We resolved an error with the Mailing Summary Report (MSR) by removing the report’s dependency on a mailing template. All MSRs now work as expected and displays From HTML mailings. Originally, the MSR relied on mailings to have a template. However, because MD2 From HTML mailings do not use templates, they had the potential to cause issues in the report. In some cases, this caused the MSR to fail in any accounts that used From HTML mailings exclusively. Now, if there are no templates in the account, the report hides the Templates column.

MD2 – Text Version Errors

We have fixed an error that caused the text version of From HTML mailings to fail in the editor, preview mailings, and sent mailings (clicking Import from HTML created an error message).

netFORUM Enterprise Personalizations

We  have resolved an error that prevented netFORUM Enterprise (2014 or later) personalizations from working in the personalization cache or in mailing personalizations.

Voting Module

We have resolved an error in the Voting Module that prevented users from accessing the View the Results page (the hyperlink indicated that the page was unavailable).