2017-12-04 Release Notes

This release adds new features to Mailing Designer 2 (MD2), including the ability to copy mailings from a parent account to a child account and the ability to copy stories.

Campaigns - Exclusion Options

We have resolved an issue in the Campaign Designer that prevented the campaign from saving emails users entered in the Those in this List field.

Landing Pages – Resizing Elements

We have resolved an intermittent issue that prevented users from resizing Landing Page Interest Items.

MD2 – Automated Reports

There is a new page in MD2-Only accounts that shows Automated Reports. To view this page, navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > Reports > Classic Reports > Automated Reports. This opens a new page where you can view your available automated reports (including BPA Audit reports).

MD2 – Copying Mailings to Child Accounts

Users can now copy MD2 mailings from parent to child accounts.

In the parent account, navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > View.

Hover over the Menu icon for your desired mailing and select Copy to Child. This opens the Copy Mailing to Child Account window.

Here, modify the mailing Name (if necessary) and check the checkbox for each child account you wish to copy to.

Click Copy. You’ll see a confirmation message that indicates that the mailing has successfully copied. You’ll find the copy in the Main Folder in the child account. Additionally, you’ll find the mailing’s template (and all associated custom layouts) in the Main Folder on the Templates page (Mailing Designer 2.0 > Templates).

Other Notes

When copying MD2 mailings to a child account, keep in mind the following details:

  • Images in the template and mailing reference the images in the parent account’s asset manager.
  • Copying removes the following links (you’ll need to relink these in the child account):
    • Unsubscribe Landing Pages
    • Form Landing Pages
    • Content-Only Landing Pages
  • If you copy two parent mailings that use the same template, each copy creates a new template instance (the child account will have two new mailings and two new templates).

MD2 – Copying Stories

Users can now copy MD2 stories within a Mailing Content Area (MCA). There are two primary benefits with this feature:

  • You can copy stories and modify them for story-level targeting.
  • You can save time and repurpose a story type you’ve already formatted (this is especially helpful if you prefer not to use custom layouts).


Navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > Create > Mailing to create a new mailing (or open an existing MD2 mailing).

On the Design tab, click Add Story. Enter any desired images and text and format your content.

When ready, hover over the story you wish to copy and click the Copy Layout icon.

MD2 creates a copy of the original story in the same MCA. The only properties that it does not copy are:

  • Name
  • Story-Level Targeting Options

You can now edit the copy. Keep in mind that once your MCA contains its maximum number of stories, you cannot copy any additional stories (the layout headers no longer display Copy Layout icon until you delete an existing one). For example, the MCA below only allows three stories:

Please note that you can only move copied stories from one MCA to another if the destination MCA supports the story type. For example, you cannot move a Text with Headline story into a MCA that only supports Image with Text story types.

Copying A/B Test Stories

Currently, MD2 only supports one story-level A/B test per mailing. However, you may copy the A or B versions within the MCA (as long as the MCA has not reached its maximum number of stories). For example, if you click the Copy Layout icon for the A story, the copy will contain the same content and formatting as the A story. However, it will not contain any A/B testing properties. You can copy both the A and B versions into the same MCA (they are independent from the A/B test).

Copying Stories in Templates

You can copy MCAs in Template Designer 2 (TD2). This creates a new MCA within the same section that uses the same properties (Maximum Stories, Maximum Columns, and Allowed Story Types) as the original MCA except the Name field.

MD2 – Custom Layouts

Originally, if users made two copies of the same custom layout (one after another), only one would display in the MD2 Design tab. We have resolved this and now both copies correctly display.

MD2 – Image Captions

All images in MD2 can now include Captions. This includes images in story types and in template elements (headers, footers, etc.).

To add a caption, click the desired image. This opens the Image Properties panel.

Scroll to the bottom of the Content tab and check the Add Image Caption checkbox. The page expands and reveals two new fields:

  • Caption Text: Enter the image caption text.
  • Text Style: Choose the text style for your caption. You can choose:
    • Standard Text 1
    • Standard Text 2
    • Standard Text 3

Keep in mind that captions are always centered and hyphenated (if they are too long to fit within the layout). If you use an alternate mobile image, the caption does not change.

Subscriber Upload Files

Originally, when users uploaded unsubscribers or resubscribers with a .txt file, Informz did not record the filename on the Subscriber Upload History page (Subscribers > Upload > Upload History). We have updated the page, and users can now see all filenames in the table’s File column.