2017-11-09 Release Notes

The release provides several updates to Template Designer 2 and Mailing Designer 2 (TD/MD2).

MD2 – Bullet List Levels

MD2 now supports three bullet levels when using bulleted or numbered lists in the rich text editor. Keep in mind that all bullet and number styles are pre-defined as follows (they cannot be customized):

  • Bulleted Lists
    • Level 1: Black Circle
    • Level 2: White Circle
    • Level 3: Black Square
  • Numbered Lists
    • Level 1: Number
    • Level 2: Letter
    • Level 3: Lower-Case Roman Numeral

Please note that numbered lists may not display correctly in the designer canvas when using Custom Layouts. This is only a visual defect, and the numbers render correctly in sent mailings. 

MD2 – Custom Layout Performance

MD2 custom layouts now use “lazy loading” to improve performance. This method, which initializes elements only when they are needed, prevents loading errors for clients who use large numbers of

custom layouts.

MD2 – Mailing Previews (Display Error)

We have resolved an issue on the MD2 Review & Send tab that caused the mailing previews to duplicate the browser window after users clicked a button or hyperlink in the preview version.

MD2 – Mailing Previews (Tab Names)

We have updated the preview tab from HTML Version to Desktop Version. The functionality has not changed.

Subscriber Upload History

We removed the following fields from the Subscriber Upload History page when users upload an Opt-Out List:

  • Interests new subscribers were subscribed to.
  • Interests existing subscribers were subscribed to.

Additionally, we added the following fields:

  • Opt-Out interests new subscribers were subscribed to.
  • Opt-Out interests existing subscribers were subscribed to.