2017-11-02 Release Notes

This release improves how Campaign Designer handles target groups and activation and makes several improvements to Mailing Designer 2 (MD2).

API Encryption Key

We have resolved an issue that caused empty API Encryption Key fields to include spaces (Admin > System Settings). Now, if you save an empty field, it remains empty.

Campaign Designer – Activation Prompt

We have updated the Activate Campaign confirmation message to read “The activation target group for this campaign is [Target Group Name].”

Campaign Designer – Activate Tab Auto-Save

The Campaign Designer’s Activation tab now automatically saves the following changes when users navigate away from the tab:

  • The time period to Add Subscribers – Start
  • The time period to Add Subscribers – Stop
  • Date to Add Subscribers
  • Exclude

These changes prevent errors that occur when copying a campaign. If users copied a campaign and went to activate the copy, they would be able to do so immediately because there were no errors in the copy. However, if they then navigated away from the Activate tab to make changes, the campaign did not save the activation details because it did not recognize the information as new (it did not change from the original campaign).

Please note that the following changes will not save:

  • The activation type radio button
  • Target Group Folder
  • Target Group Name


Keep in mind the following additional details:

  • When copying a campaign, the copy retains all of the previously-saved settings from the original campaign.
  • If you select a target group folder that does not contain a target group, the target group folder dropdown list is reset to Select a Folder as part of the auto save.

Campaign Designer – Target Group Name

Informz now displays the Target Group Name column on the default Campaigns grid page (Marketing Automation > Campaigns).

MD2 – Delivery Method Display

We resolved an interface error that displayed the MD2 Delivery Method incorrectly (it always displayed “Standard”). It now displays the following methods:

  • Standard
  • Optimized
  • Distributed
  • Localized
  • Send to Winner (when A/B testing is enabled)

Please note that this was a display error only; all mailings sent with the correct delivery method.

MD2 – Mailings with Special Characters

We have resolved an error that kept MD2 mailing names with special characters from correctly displaying in Campaign Designer and Landing Page dropdown lists. The dropdown lists now display all special characters rather than replacing them with question marks.

MD2 – Save Logic

MD2 originally saved all aspects a mailing when users clicked Save or Informz completed an auto save. However, this often took a long time to complete if the system was under a heavy load.

We have improved the save logic so that Informz only saves aspects of the mailing that users have actively changed. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding/Removing/Changing Stories in a mailing.
  • Updating target groups.
  • Updating layout content.

MD2 – Single Sign-On

The Informz Single Sign-On (SSO) login now directs users to the MD2 grid page.

MD2 – Text Version Unsubscribe Link

We have resolved an error that occurred when sending the text version of MD2 mailings. Originally, the unsubscribe link opened an error page that read “This link must be accessed from an email – please contact abuse@informz.com.” This error specifically occurred for Unsubscribe Landing Pages).

The unsubscribe links now work correctly.

Requires Attention Panel

We have improved the way the message tooltips render in the Requires Attention panel on the account home page. The tooltips are no longer confined within the panel’s borders.