2017-10-26 Release Notes

This release primarily enhances Campaign Designer, Mailing Designer 2 (MD2), and Login Security.

Campaign Designer – Copying Campaigns (MD2 Mailings)

We have resolved an error that replaced mailing content in a copied active campaign that used two MD2 mailings. The content from the second mailing overwrote the content from the first mailing, creating duplicates (the content of the second mailing remained unaffected).

Campaign Designer – Copying Campaigns (Settings)

We have resolved an error that prevented copied Campaigns from keeping Exclude settings (Marketing Automation > Campaigns > Activate tab).

Campaign Designer – End Dates

Campaign Designer now validates campaign end dates to ensure that they are always past the campaign start date. When click the date/time picker, Informz now defaults to the current date/time plus one hours. Users cannot select anything before this date/time.

Landing Pages – Protocol for Redirect Domains

All Landing Pages that use redirect domains now use the HTTP protocol.

Mac File Upload Errors

We have resolved several file upload issues that occurred with files created on Macs – Informz failed any uploads that used text files created with Excel for Mac. All uploads (subscriber, unsubscriber, and resubscriber) should now work correctly.

MD2 – Color Picker

We have resolved an issue that prevented users from entering RGB codes in the MD2 color pickers (this also affects Template Designer 2).

MD2 – Copying Templates from Parent to Child Accounts

You can now copy MD2 templates from parent accounts to child accounts (this also affects Template Designer 2).


Hover over your desired template's Menu icon and select Copy to Child.

The Copy Template to Child Account window opens. Here, select the destination child account(s).

Click Copy.

The template copies to the child account and displays in the corresponding list page.

Note that copying a template also copies any custom layouts in that template. Any images reference the Asset Manager in the parent account. Likewise, any personalization values will be included in the copy. Finally, copies include all hyperlinks except Landing Page hyperlinks (Content-Only, Form, and Unsubscribe).

MD2 – Mailing Content Areas

We have resolved an issue that caused MD2 mailing content areas that allowed multiple columns to incorrectly render these columns after users edited the related template. The fix removes obsolete placeholders that originally allowed the multi-column design.

MD2 – Pasting from Outside Sources

We’ve improved the way that MD2 handles content pasted into the rich text editor. These improvements affect the following elements:

  • Underline Colors in the rich text editor and Design tab.
  • Pasting content into unstyled text blocks (affecting font family and font size).
  • Pasting content into styled text blocks (affecting font family and font size).

All styles are now consistent across the rich text editor, the Design tab, and different previews (HTML and Online versions).

No More Failed Mailings

Informz has deployed a new feature called No More Failed Mailings. Informz will no longer manually retry mailings that fail. Instead, any failed mailings use the following processes:

  • When a mailing fails, Informz automatically retries that mailing twice after the original failure:
    • After 15 minutes.
    • After 30 minutes.
  • Mailings behave differently based on their sending type (send once or recurring mailings):
    • Send Once Mailings: If both retries fail, the mailing is placed on hold.
    • Recurring Mailings: If both retries fail, the mailing continues to send any additional instances (e.g. if the mailing recurs on Monday and Thursdays, and the Monday instance fails, the Thursday remains scheduled).
  • Informz notifies via email any admins on the account where the mailing failed as well as to the user who scheduled the mailing. This occurs after both retries (either send once or recurring). Advisors are also notified.

There is a new home page panel (Requires Attention) that shows the details for any recently-failed mailings that have had no follow-up user action. Each listed mailing is hyperlinked to the mailing designer so that users can directly address any issues or resend. All account users and Informz admin users can see the new panel.

Passwords – User Reset

Users no longer need to contact their Advisor and can now reset their passwords on demand. To do this, enter your username and click Forgot Your Password on the login page.

A new window opens to let you know that you’ll receive an email with a link to the password reset page.

When you receive the email, click the link to open the password reset page. Here, enter and confirm your new password. Keep in mind that passwords must contain:

  • At least seven characters
  • One letter
  • One number
  • One special character (e.g. $, %, &, !, etc.)

When ready, click Reset Password. Informz validates that the fields match and then navigates to the main login page.

Other Notes

Below are some additional details to note:

  • Informz users who are logged into their accounts can still change their passwords from the user dropdown list at the top of the page.
  • If users with the maintain child accounts privilege change a parent brand’s password, they’ll also change the child brand’s password.

Personalization Cache – New Subscribers

When users create a new subscriber during an integration sync, Informz now checks the personalization cache settings to populate fields. This affects the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberNation (Salesforce)
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise (2013 and earlier)
  • netFORUM Enterprise (2014 and later)
  • netFORUM Pro
  • NimbleAMS (Salesforce)
  • Personify360
  • Salesforce

Please note that the personalization cache does not always run in parallel to target group syncs. If any new subscribers sync during the mailing send process, they’ll typically receive default/blank values because the new subscriber data have not yet been retrieved.

If you use an integration with a master target group, subscribers have their personalization data synced become part of the master target group – they are added to both the mailing target group and the master target group.


We resolved an error that caused preheaders to indent in MS Outlook in sent mailings. Originally, the preheaders had the correct alignment (left) in test mailings, but not in sent mailings. This consequently hid part of the preheader itself.