2017-10-05 Release Notes

This release primarily updates Mailing Designer 2 (MD2) functionality.

Important Notification: Sending IP Address Transition

Due to an infrastructure update, Informz will begin to transition all current sending IP addresses to new IP addresses on 10/10/17. Please note that this does not affect your normal process. However, there may be areas that ultimately need your new sending IP address! See this article for more information.

Button Layouts – Gmail Rendering

The Gmail Inbox application does not support some of the behind-the-scenes CSS we use to render button layouts. This caused rendering inconsistencies, so we have updated the code to ensure that buttons better reflect the rendering common to other applications.

iMIS Integrated Personalization Fields

When users cleared fields in their remote iMIS database (i.e. the fields had null/blank value) and then performed a personalization sync, the cleared fields would retain their original values in Informz – they would not appear blank. We have fixed this so that the fields update correctly with blank values after syncing the data.

iMIS Personalization Tests (MD2)

Informz now supports iMIS Profile fields in MD2 personalization tests. Please note that this does not include iMIS User-Defined fields.

MD2 Text Versions – Bulleted Lists

We have fixed an error that removed line breaks from bulleted lists in the text version of MD2 mailings.

MD2 Text Versions – White Space

Informz now automatically removes any extra white space and empty lines in the text versions of MD2 mailings. If users had unused Mailing Content Areas in the mailing, the text version created the empty spaces. Unless edited manually, there is now only one line between text elements. Dividers and blank layout properties (e.g. label, alt text, hyperlinks, etc.) do not affect the text version.

Review Mailings (MD2)

We have enhanced the Reviewer to include MD2 mailings that use A/B Testing with a story.

Story-Level Targeting Tooltip Icon

We have updated the MD2 story-level targeting tooltip icon to open the correct KnowledgeBase article (see below):


UPI Personalization Cache

We resolved a code error with the UPI Personalization Cache that occurred when users updated fields that caused some fields to retain their original value.