2017-08-17 (Sprint 15.2)

Release Date: August 17, 2017

This release contains major updates to the Informz integrated personalization cache as well as several enhancements to Landing Pages and other features.

Association Anywhere – Informz Tracking Code

Clients using Association Anywhere experienced errors with the web tracking code querystring values in the Association Anywhere application. This has been fixed, and the parameters are now passed to Association Anywhere in a “hashed” form (#). Additionally, we have updated the corresponding web tracking instructions.

Campaigns – Copying Campaigns

When users copy a campaign that contains mailings, the copy now contains blank mailings as placeholders. If they delete the mailing steps in the copy, the blank mailings are deleted as well.

Compound Target Groups

There was an error in some brands that caused compound target groups to take a significant amount of time to save and update. This has been fixed, and compound target groups should now update within a normal timeframe.

Email Balance Panel – Refresh Button

There is now a refresh button on the Email Balance panel. Clicking this button updates your account’s email balance (prepaid blocks).

Email Balance Panel – View Child Link

The View Child link did not display on the Email Balance panel when the parent brand was out of email blocks. This has been fixed, and the link displays correctly.

Event Mailing Errors

There was an error in the Events module when users attempted to create any mailing for an event. This has been fixed.

From HTML (MD2) Unsubscribe Link

Unsubscribe links in MD2 From HTML mailings were not properly added – they lacked a Subscriber ID or Mailing Instance ID. This has been resolved.

iMIS Activities Search Target Groups

There is a new target group for accounts that integrate with iMIS called iMIS Activities Search.

This target group retrieves data directly from the activity table in iMIS. Users specify the following information:

  • Name: The target group name.
  • Range of Dates: The relative date of the interaction. This can be between two dates or within a relative date range (e.g. “performed this activity over the past 10 weeks”). This corresponds to the transaction_date field in iMIS.
  • Activity: The type of activity. This corresponds to the activity_type field in iMIS.
  • Product Code (Optional): The product code (if available). This corresponds to the product_code field in iMIS.
  • Info: A description of the target group.
  • Exact Match (Checkbox): If checked, the target group draws exact matches from the activity type.

Please note that iMIS Activity Search target groups are always created using the same process – there is no difference between iMIS version 15 and iMIS version 20. Likewise, iMIS Activity Search target groups work for both IQA and non-IQA integrations.

Landing Pages – Deactivating Content-Only Pages

There was an error that occurred when deactivating live content-only Landing Pages that moved them to the Archive tab rather than to the In Progress tab. Additionally, the confirmation message read "are you sure you want to archive the landing page?" This has been fixed and content-only pages can now be successfully deactivated and moved to the In Progress tab.

Landing Pages – Default Protocol

Informz Landing Pages originally defaulted to HTTP. However, when users added Landing Page iFrame code to an HTTPS site, the content did not load properly. This has been fixed, and when users click Get URL or Get iFrame Code, the Landing Page loads with the HTTPS protocol. Additionally, all links to Landing Pages now use the HTTPS protocol as a default.

Landing Pages – General Rendering

Informz Landing Pages were experiencing rendering issues among the different viewing modes (Test/Active modes and Design mode appeared differently). For example, elements that appeared aligned in Design mode would overlap in either Test or Active mode. This has been fixed, and Landing Page rendering has been improved between Design and Test/Active modes.

Additional Notes

All Landing Page items align to a five-pixel grid with the following exceptions:

  • Videos: Video player items in the designer might have slight variations from the Test/Active modes. This occurs because the designer shows a preview location for the video that can resize based on the YouTube and HTML5 properties. When you design a Landing Page with a video item, always provide some padding around the video to ensure that it renders properly.
  • Captcha: Captcha properties do not perfectly align to five pixels.

Finally, also note that a demographic with checkboxes typically includes between five and seven options. If you include additional options, you must resize the demographic item to reveal them. If not, the Test/Active modes directly reflect the designer and can obfuscate these options.

Landing Pages – iFrame Auto-Focus

When users embed a Landing Page with an input field in an iFrame (on an external site), the browser automatically scrolls to the input field. However, this can cause an undesired effect when the iFrame is at the bottom of the web page. To prevent automatic scrolling, there is a new Disable Auto-Focus checkbox on the Landing Page Designer Process tab.

When the checkbox is checked, the Landing Page does not automatically scroll to the input fields. This occurs for all Landing Pages (not just those embedded in iFrames).

Landing Pages – iFrame Use Cases

To better support Landing Pages that have been embedded in iFrames, there are new use cases in the article below:


Landing Pages – Linking

Informz Landing Pages can now be “linked” together. For example, if Landing Page A links to Landing Page B with the Redirect to Landing Page feature, Landing Page B inherits any fields/parameters from Landing Page A. This allows Informz to track the same user.

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages and open a Landing Page from the In Progress tab.

Click the Process tab. Under the Redirect the User heading, click the dropdown list and select Landing Page. A new dropdown list appears. Click the new dropdown list and select the Landing Page to redirect to.

Check the Disable email address editing on subsequent form checkbox to prevent users from editing their email address on the redirected page.

Personalization Attributes

Originally, users could not uncheck the Personalization checkbox when editing a personalization field on the List of Personalization Attributes page. Now, users can uncheck this checkbox without errors.

This affects the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2011 & 2013
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2014 or Later
  • netFORUM Pro
  • Personify360
  • Salesforce

Any personalization that is unchecked does not display as an option when users insert a personalization in a mailing. If the personalization is selected to be cached, users cannot uncheck the Personalization checkbox (the checkbox is disabled). Similarly, if they Personalization checkbox is unchecked, users cannot check the corresponding Caches Data checkbox.

Personalization Cache – Formatter Code

Accounts that use cached personalizations now draw directly from the cache when adding a corresponding personalization to a mailing (Informz replaces the personalization codes in the mailing with the cached value rather than the value from the integration). This only occurs when the brand uses cached personalizations and the mailing matches the target group or subscriber type – Informz uses the cached values when the mailing recipient and personalization field are in the same target group type.

For example, if a user wants to cache data for the Last Name field for all Salesforce Contacts, Informz only uses cached values for recipients within the Salesforce Contacts target group. Any recipients in the Salesforce Leads contact group see values directly from the integration.

Please note that the personalization cache refreshes weekly for every active remote subscriber in a brand.

Affected Integrations

This change affects the following integrations:

Integrations Where Personalizations are Not Tied to Target Groups

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2014 or Later
  • Personify360

Integrations Where Personalizations are Tied to Target Group Type

  • Salesforce

Integrations Where Personalizations are Tied to Specific Target Groups

  • netFORUM Enterprise 2011 & 2013
  • netFORUM Pro

Personalization Cache – netFORUM Enterprise 2011 & 2013

The netFORUM Enterprise 2011 & 2013 integration can now use cached personalizations. When they exist locally, Informz uses these personalizations in mailings instead of calling the integration. Please see the article below for additional details:


Personalization Cache – netFORUM Pro

The netFORUM Pro integration can now use cached personalizations. When they exist locally, Informz uses these personalizations in mailings instead of calling the integration. Please see the article below for additional details:


Personalization Cache – Salesforce

The Salesforce integration can now use cached personalizations. When they exist locally, Informz uses these personalizations in mailings instead of calling the integration. Please see the article below for additional details:


Subscriber Upload

Informz now removes the following invalid domains during subscriber uploads to prevent deliverability issues:

  • example.com
  • none.com
  • test.com

These domains are commonly used with test data.