2017-07-11 (TD/MD 2 Follow-Up)

Release Date: July 11, 2017

This release enhances Template and Mailing Designer (TD/MD 2.0) and adds several new features to Informz Landing Pages.

Campaigns – MD1 and MD2 Support

Informz Campaigns now support both Mailing Designer 1 (MD1) and Mailing Designer 2 (MD2). Users have the following options:

  • Copy an Existing Mailing
    • MD1 mailings launch MD1
    • MD2 mailings launch MD2
  • Copy a Campaign Mailing
    • MD1 mailings launch MD1
    • MD2 mailings launch MD2
  • Create New Mailing (MD1 only)
  • Create New Mailing Designer 2.0 Mailing (MD2 only)

Landing Page Items – Interest Order

You can now drag and drop Landing Page Interests within an Interest Item to reorder them.

Landing Pages – Guidelines

Landing Pages now feature moveable guidelines that help users align items on a Landing Page.

To add a guideline, click a ruler along the horizontal or vertical axis. Next, drag and drop the guideline to your desired location. When you move an item close to a guideline (within five pixels), that item automatically snaps to the guideline. You can have several guidelines simultaneously (see below).

To delete a guideline, click the corresponding red X icon.

Note that when you add a new item to your Landing Page, it does not immediately snap to a guideline. Snapping only occurs when moving items.

Additionally, note that when you load a Landing Page, all guidelines reset. They do not save between sessions.

Landing Pages – Mobile Rendering

We have improved the rendering of Mobile Landing Pages so that they are more orderly, have no overlapping items, and better reflect the main Landing Page design.

The new Reset Mobile button (on the Mobile tab of the Landing Page Designer) allows you to adjust and reorder all items on the mobile version after you’ve made changes on the Design tab. They are automatically placed in the order they were added. Please note that you’ll still need to manually rearrange these items on your final mobile version.

Personalization Test

TD/MD 2.0 now supports a personalization test. These previews work in both the Mailing Designer and HTML features.

Users can check any personalization code in a mailing in the Review & Send tab. Scroll to the Check Content section to run the personalization test.

The personalization test includes:

  • Email Address
  • Valid personalization fields used in the subject line, friendly from, or body of a mailing
  • The recipient’s personalization for each corresponding field

If the recipient does not have a value for a field, the personalization test displays the default personalization. Similarly, if the recipient does not have a value for the field, and there is no default, the field remains blank.

The personalization test supports both Informz personalization fields and demographic categories.

Note that you must select a mailing recipient before running the personalization test (Informz displays an error message when you run a personalization test without a recipient). This does not prevent you from sending the mailing.

You can search the personalization test for specific recipients and their corresponding results.

Personalization test results can be exported to a spreadsheet.