2017-06-20 (TD/MD 2 Version 12)

Release Date: June 20, 2017

This release provides major updates to Template and Mailing Designer 2.0.

Auto-Save and Undo

Both Template and Mailing Designers now contain Undo and Redo buttons on the Design tab. Users can undo/redo the following actions:

  • Adding, moving, or deleting a Layout/Story
  • Changing any property in the Properties Panel (left side of the Designer)
  • Changing any Template Theme (flyout) properties

Undo and redo functionality is not supported for the text version of the mailing. Similarly, this functionality does not track changes made on the Options or Review tabs (it only tracks changes in the Design tab).

If users navigate away from the Design tab, undo/redo history is lost.


Templates and mailings are automatically saved every 60 seconds. This auto-save disables the Save button after the auto-save is made but before new changes are made to the content.

Note that any errors preventing users from saving (e.g. missing template, missing name, etc.) prevent Informz from auto-saving.

Flyout Menu Changes

The Style Flyout Menu has been renamed Theme. Additionally, we made the following changes:

  • The Style Properties option has been renamed Template Theme.
  • The element Page has been renamed Template Width.
  • All references to Parent styles have been renamed Default styles.

Heading Levels

The Rich Text Editor now supports new text styles. These styles are configured to the template’s theme.

  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2
  • Heading 3
  • Sub-Heading 1
  • Sub-Heading 2
  • Sub-Heading 3
  • Standard Text 1
  • Standard Text 2
  • Standard Text 3

If text properties are not defined, they use Standard Text 1. This affects all layouts. Per-layout text style controls have been removed.

Note that previously created templates are automatically migrated to support the new structure.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages now support TD/MD 2.0 mailings. Users can work with and copy any Landing Pages created with TD/MD 2.0 mailings.

Locking Templates

The Theme Flyout menu now contains a Prevent style edits in mailing checkbox that allows you to “lock” the design elements of that template (aka the “Template Theme”).

If the Template Theme is not locked at the template level, mailing creators can access/modify any styles, including inherited styles, on the mailing level. Additionally, mailing creators can modify text properties through the rich text editor menu options.

If the Template Theme is locked at the template level, any inherited style properties are hidden from mailing creator, including the text color-picker option from the rich text editor (hyperlink colors can still be modified). When a user adds a custom layout to a Mailing Content Area within a locked template, the custom layout keeps its custom styles, but the inheritable style options are hidden from the mailing creator.

When a user creates and activates a template that is not locked, and mailings have been created using this template, and subsequently the template designer locks the mailing (and the mailing creator accepts the new template changes), Informz hides all inheritable style options. When this occurs, Informz also attempts to revert any of those inherited styles to the template’s default style.

Mailing Content Theme – Story Spacing

The Mailing Content theme property allows users to assign default story spacing and default column spacing.

Spacing between stories applies to all stories in a mailing content area. It affects the vertical spacing between individual stories (including multi-column Mailing Content areas with multiple rows and multi-column Mailing Content areas stacked in the mobile view).

Spacing between columns applies to all sections with two or more columns. It also applies to the horizontal spacing between Mailing Content areas set for multiple columns (desktop and online versions only – mobile versions use the spacing between stories option when stories become stacked).

Padding Controls

Padding controls are now section-level only. They have been expanded to include options for top, bottom, right, and left control.

Padding options for multi-column sections are now fixed. However, padding set at the section-level controls padding within each column (not the padding outside/around the section).

The following layouts no longer contain padding controls:

  • Text with Headline
  • Text
  • Image
  • Table of Contents

Additionally, we removed the following styles all layouts (except sections):

  • Banner
  • Banded
  • Background Color

The following layouts (which are nested in sections) continue to contain padding controls. Padding controls function like sections in these layouts:

  • All Default Header Layouts
  • All Default Footer Layouts
  • Image with Text
  • News Item w/Button
  • News Item

Finally, we’ve kept padding (with no behavior changes) in the following layouts:

  • Dividers
  • Quick Links
  • Icon Set

Section Properties – Column Dimensions

Users can now define column dimensions to a minimum of 1% on the Column tab of the properties panel (previously, users were limited to a minimum of 10%).

Section Properties – Vertical Alignment

Section layouts now contain vertical alignment properties. Vertical alignment applies to all columns within a given section. These properties are:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

Template Gallery – Populate Templates

The Template Gallery has been populated with TD/MD 2.0 designs. This includes new templates that are more structurally oriented (i.e. outline-based).

Template List Page

When users click Create on the Template List page (Mailing Designer 2.0 > Templates), Informz automatically opens TD 2.0.

This change replaces the previous button behavior that prompted users to select a template type (Standard or Advanced) to create.

Virtual Inbox – Admin Ordering Module

There is a new page for users without access to MD 2.0 can order Virtual Inbox test blocks.


Navigate to Admin > Ordering > Order Virtual Inbox Tests (note that users must have the "Virtual Inbox Test Ordering" permission to order additional tests).

Users can order test blocks with the following sizes:

  • 50
  • 100
  • 250
  • 500

If the account has a virtual inbox order history, Informz displays the Virtual Inbox Order History table.