2017-03-28 (Sprint 13)

Release Date: March 28, 2017

This release primarily consists of behind-the-scenes changes and fixes in Informz as well as additional functionality improvements for Landing Pages.

Aptify Writebacks

Writebacks in the Aptify integration were taking excessive amounts of time to process. This has been fixed.

Campaign Designer – Saving Campaigns

After making changes in the Campaign Designer, clicking Save was not saving user progress. After saving the campaign a second time, the Save dialogue would appear twice. This also prevented users from reaching the Activate tab. This has been resolved, and users only require one click to save campaigns.

Content Manager (iOS Devices)

When accessing the Content Manager in Safari on iOS devices (iOS 9 and iOS 10), several users noted that, after clicking Body of the Story, all text was underlined. This has been fixed and all Content Manager stories now display with the correct formatting.

Date Field Validation

When uploading bad/invalid date fields (through subscriber upload or an API connection), any targeting and personalization associated with the field would break until the date was fixed. We’ve updated our code so that this no longer occurs. A nightly job repairs all invalid date fields for existing subscribers; the field is kept empty for any new subscribers with invalid dates.

FCC Mobile Domain Suppression

To protect Informz and our clients from FCC violations regarding unsolicited messages to mobile domains, we’ve implemented changes that ensure that all subscriber import methods (including adding an individual subscriber) reference the reference the FCC’s mobile domain list and unsubscribe the associated email addresses.

Landing Pages – Follow-Up Mailing Reports

We’ve added a new tab to the Landing Page Report page for Landing Page forms to show data from the active follow-up mailing (follow-up mailings that were removed are not displayed in this report). The new tab (Mailing) redirects users to the Mailing Activity Report for that mailing. Click Back to Landing Page Report to return to the report for the entire Landing Page.

Landing Pages – iMIS Integration

Please note that there are some prerequisite account settings for iMIS that enable this feature. Contact your Advisor for help!

Users can now add nine different iMIS Personalizations to their form Landing Pages. These values, located in the Personal Information Fields item, are as follows:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Prefix
  • Title
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

To add these fields to a Landing Page, open the Items Flyout menu and click Personal Info. Next, click the iMIS Personal Information Fields dropdown list and select the iMIS personalization field you wish to add.

Click Add to add the personalization field.

If an iMIS subscriber submits the form, personalizations update in the iMIS database in real time (unless the bridge/connection is down, in which case Informz receives an error message). iMIS First Name and Last Name fields are always required fields; users cannot change this setting. These fields accept a maximum of 100 characters each (users see an error message for anything greater). All other fields are not required.

iMIS personalization fields do not display on live Landing Pages for subscribers without an iMIS ID. However, iMIS personalization fields display during test modes. Submitting a Landing Page in test mode by a subscriber who has an iMIS ID also updates the corresponding data in the iMIS database!

You must have the auto-fill option checked for personalizations to automatically populate on your Landing Page.

Web Tracking Purchase Duplicates

Some clients using web tracking to track purchases were seeing duplicate orders. This has been fixed, and all purchases with web tracking are now tracked correctly and without duplicates.