2017-02-24 (Sprint 11)

Release Date: February 24, 2017

This release makes several changes to Informz’s Landing Pages, as well as behind-the-scenes changes to improve Informz functionality.

Integration Cached Personalizations (Column View)

Informz now allows remote personalization fields to display in your Informz accounts as table columns for the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2014 (or later)
  • Personify360

When enabled, these fields appear as selectable columns in any subscriber listing, and you can preview data in those fields.

You must select the fields you wish to cache from the List of Attributes page (Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration).

You can select up to 20 fields (you’ll receive an error if you attempt to select additional fields).

Selected personalization fields sync weekly. Additionally, you can sync on an ad hoc basis by clicking Refresh Personalization Cache on the Bridge Configuration page.

Note that when you publish a mailing to a remote subscriber, Informz uses the integration value to populate the corresponding personalization field (not the cached value).

Landing Page Designer – Interface

There is a new look and feel to the Landing Page Designer interface. All item buttons are now part of a “flyout menu” on the right side of the screen. This flyout menu is only available on the Design tab.

Click the Items flyout menu to reveal all items that you can add to a landing page.

When you click any of the Item buttons, the designer does one of two things:

  • Adds the corresponding item to your Landing Page.
  • Displays a form where you can specify details (demographics, video links, etc.). Click Add to Page to add the customized item. Click Go Back to return to the flyout menu.

Adding Elements Highlight

When you add a new item to a Landing Page, Informz highlights it for one second. Additionally, the window scrolls to the location of the newly created item.

Landing Pages – Auto-Fill Disabled Warning

When users enter information into Landing Page forms, they can potentially modify their existing records in Informz when leaving non-required fields blank. There are two ways that you can present these forms to users:

  • Auto-fill Enabled: Values populate based on the subscriber information held in Informz. Any changes (including any fields that have been “emptied” with blank values) update in Informz. Any previously-populated fields that are submitted as blank are replaced with the new, empty value.
  • Auto-fill Disabled: Values do not populate based on the subscriber – all fields are initially empty. Any changes, including blank values, update in Informz. Any previously-populated fields that are submitted as blank are replaced with the new, empty value.

Informz displays the following warning message when Auto-fill is disabled:

Clicking Yes submits the form.

Clicking No returns users to the form and allows them to make any necessary changes.

Please note that if users have incomplete required fields, they also see a warning message noting that these must be completed before submitting.

Landing Pages – Resizing Items

Users experienced problems when moving/resizing items in the mobile versions of Landing Pages. This has been fixed.

Landing Pages – Templates

Informz now lets users create Landing Page Templates from existing pages.

To save a Landing Page as a template, hover over the Landing Page’s Menu icon and select Save As Template. This option is available for all Landing Pages (In Progress, Active, and Archive).

The Save As Template window opens. Here, you’ll enter a template Name and Description.

Always be sure to check your template’s Design, Mobile, and Process tabs. You cannot edit a template once it has been saved!

There is no limit to the number of Landing Page templates you can create. However, please note that Landing Pages templates preserve the Landing Page type (Content-Only, Form, or Unsubscribe Forms).

To select a template, create a new Landing Page and click the Custom tab.

You’ll see a list of all Landing Page templates available. This lists the template’s name, type, description, author’s username, and creation date.

To delete a template, simply hover over the icon and click the X in the upper right corner.

The template icon changes to a confirmation message. Click Delete Now to permanently delete your template or Cancel to cancel your change. Please note that deleted templates cannot be undeleted!

Mailing Designer – Test Tab

We have updated the Mailing Designer Test Tab so that the “button view” only appears on the initial test page.

After you click a test option, Informz navigates to the corresponding test and presents all other tests in a dropdown list.

Click Return to Tests to return to the initial test page.

netFORUM Enterprise 2014/2015 Personalizations

We have added the option to include the table name as a prefix to netFORUM 2014/2015 personalization fields. This avoids any confusion within the database. Personalizations themselves are unaffected – they continue to work as before. However, all personalizations that use this option now have the following format:

%%WSI||<table_name>.<column name>%%

Opt-Out Reporting

The Edit Opt-Out window now contains three tabs:

Edit: Contains the opt-out name and description, as well as an option to transfer interests using the Interest Transfer button.

Counts: Shows two rows of information:

  • Number of Subscribers: The total number of opted-out subscribers.
  • Number of Distinct Email Addresses: The total number of unique/distinct email addresses associated with the opt-out.

Subscribers: Contains a table with columns for Email, Subscribe Date, and Opt-Out Date. Users can remove emails from the list by checking the corresponding checkbox and clicking Remove.

Originally, the Edit Opt-Out window only displays the number of subscribers (after clicking How Many?) but does not show the associated email addresses.

Panel Refresh Button (Home Page)

The Recently Sent Mailings and Recently Edited Mailings panels on the home page now contain a Refresh icon. Clicking this icon refreshes the data within the panel.

The Recently Edited Mailings panel contains user-specific data; it displays different mailings based on the current user. However, please note that the Recently Sent Mailings panel contains data for the entire account.

Remote IDs as Personalization Values

Informz now allows the Remote ID as a personalization value in mailings in integrated accounts. This uses the %%REMOTE_ID%% placeholder tag. It pulls information from the remote_key_ident field in the subscriber table and replaces the tag with the corresponding value in the sent mailing. This does not affect the default values for personalizations.

The Remote ID option is available in the Mailing Designer in the Personalization toolbar icon. In the Insert Personalization Codes window, click the Select a Personalization Type dropdown list and select Personal Info.

Target Group Folder Error

There was an issue where compound target groups displayed in the incorrect folder when editing – for example, changing to All Folders would still display the compound target group in the Main Folder while editing. This has been fixed, and now users who modify a target group see the correct folder.

Writeback Changes

Informz now displays new information for all writebacks. On the Writeback List page, click View Details to see additional information for each writeback (failed or successful).

When a batch fails, and then you click View Details, you are redirected to the list of failed batches.

When you click on the failed batch, you are redirected to the list of subscribers who belong to that batch.

Please note that you cannot retry individual batches that fail – you must retry the entire writeback.