2017-01-17 - New User Interface Tour

One of the great things about Informz is its agility - its ability to evolve with ever-changing technology and needs. Evolution is, after all, about change, and one change that Informz is ready to bring to you is a new look and feel to the User Interface (UI). We've taken our familiar menu structure and enhanced it to improve its ease of use and to improve its functionality on modern hardware (such as wider screens with better resolutions).

We've listened to your requests and based our changes on your input. All of our prototypes and working versions were built upon your needs with Informz.

To ensure an easy transition, we've recorded a short video that guides you through the different aspects of the new UI. Additionally, if you are a more text-oriented person, you'll find information in this article that highlights the fundamental features of the new UI.


New UI Features


Below, you'll see a high-level view of the new UI. We've moved the different menus to the left side of the page, maximizing your workspace (capitalizing on this space makes access to information easier, faster, and more efficient). By hovering over the icons in the menu, you'll reveal the familiar options and sub-options in Informz. Also, we've ensured that your Advisor's picture remains front-and-center.

Preferences and Child Account menus have both moved to the top. Hover over your name or account name respectively to access these menus.

As above, the main menu items now reside in the left sidebar. By hovering over the different icons, you can access the different menus. Likewise, if you see an arrow icon (>), you'll know that you can hover to access additional options.

To ensure that you'll have no trouble clicking on the correct options, we've increased clickable area by fifty percent.

Information Panels

We've redesigned the home page's information panels so that they are more responsive to your screen. For example, if you resize your browser window, the design "wraps" the panels to make the best use of the available space.

Unchanged Items

Sometimes, things work perfectly just the way they are! We've maintained the KnowledgeBase Search field so that you can continue to learn more and more about Informz. However, we've moved the Launch the Community button right next to the KnowledgeBase Search field so it's easy to find.