2017-01-17 (2016.9)

Release Date: January 17, 2017

With this release, Informz has implemented a new look and feel to our website and home page. To learn more about this, click here. Additionally, this release includes new features for Landing Pages and Reporting.

Home Page Tour

To help acquaint you with the new Informz User Interface (UI), we’ve added a tour to the home page. Click Take a Tour in the upper right corner of the page to begin the tour.

A new dialogue opens where you’ll be guided through the different features of the UI.

Click Next or Prev to navigate forward or backward respectively through the different parts of the tour. Click End Tour to close the tour dialogue.

Landing Page Activity Target Groups

There is a new target group type for Landing Page Activity. You can now build target groups around two different activity types (viewed or submitted). To further refine these activities, you can specify different criteria:

  • Landing Pages or Landing Page Folders to include in the target group.
  • Date Range (or Past “X” Days).
  • Minimum number of times the action took place.

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups and click Create.

Click the dropdown list and select Landing Page Activity.

Click Create.

The Create Landing Page Activity Target Group window opens. Here, you can specify the details for your target group. Please note that all fields are required.

  • Name: Enter a unique name for the target group.
  • Folder: Click the dropdown list to select a folder for your new landing page.
  • Dates
    • Between Two Dates: Opens a date selector where you can choose a time zone and beginning and end date for subscriber visits
    • Relative Date Range (Last Day or Month): Opens a dropdown list where you can specify a relative range based on the current date (e.g. subscribers who have visited within the last week)
  • Action: Clicking any option opens a landing page or folder selector for the target group (you can select multiple landing pages/folders). There is a dropdown list that lets you specify minimum views or submissions, depending on the target group type.
    • Visited Landing Page
    • Visited Any Landing Page in Folder
    • Submitted a Landing Page Form
    • Submitted any Landing Page Form in a Folder
  • Info: Enter any details about the landing page target group.

Click Create Target Group to finish.

Landing Page Process Tab

We’ve added a Process tab to the Landing Page Designer for all Unsubscribe landing pages. This tab gives you the options to redirect users and to send a notification mailing upon submission (by default, there are neither redirects nor notifications – this can be changed using this new feature). Notification emails include subscriber and unsubscriber details. Any landing pages created before this release now feature the Process tab.

Landing Page reCaptcha

We’ve replaced our older Captcha functionality with Google reCaptcha.

You’ll have two options when styling reCaptchas:

  • Style (Normal or Compact) – note that this changes the height and width of the display.
  • Theme (Light or Dark)

If you use reCaptcha in your form, the form cannot be submitted without reCaptcha verification (i.e. the checkbox is checked).

You cannot add a reCaptcha to a form with an unsubscribe checkbox (likewise, you cannot add an unsubscribe checkbox to a form with a reCaptcha). This helps you keep the form unsubscribe options in compliance with subscription best practices.

Landing Page Reports

We’ve added a new, sophisticated report for Landing Page activity. To access this report, navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages. Identify your desired landing page, hover over the corresponding Menu icon, and select Report to access the report.

There are three different reports available, each based on your landing page type:

  • Form
  • Unsubscribe
  • Content-Only

Each of these pages shares several features:

Snapshot Tab

  • A date range selector at the top of the report for you to specify the timeframe for your reporting.
  • The Share button where you can share your report via Informz Insights.
  • A Key Metrics panel that displays the number of visits (all types) and submissions (for Forms) or unsubscribes (for Unsubscribe Pages).
  • A Form Completion Analysis pie chart (Forms and Unsubscribe Pages) that displays submissions/unsubscribes and visits.
  • A Submitters pie chart (Form pages) that displays both new and existing subscribers.
  • A time-based line graph showing visits and submissions/unsubscribes (please note that if there is only one data point on the graph, you won’t see any connecting lines).
  • A Back to Landing Pages button that navigates back to the main Landing Pages page.

Users Tab

This tab displays a table of all email addresses (or “unknown” for unknown users) who have interacted with the landing page. All email addresses in this table are clickable; clicking opens the corresponding subscriber’s details in the subscriber pop-up.

As with other table/grid views in Informz, you can add or remove columns from the view by clicking Columns.

Additional Definitions

It is important to understand the differences between Existing Subscribers and New Subscribers in your landing page report. Once you understand the difference, you can evaluate how many new landing page visitors have become subscribers by completing the form.

  • Existing Subscribers: Landing page visitors who submitted the form and were subscribers prior to the date range provided by the user.
  • New Subscribers: Landing page visitors who submitted the form and were not subscribers prior to the date range provided by the user. These visitors ultimately become existing subscribers within that date range.

Landing Page Subscriber Statuses and Target Groups

When subscribers load a landing page, they are given one of two statuses in Informz:

  • Visited (all landing page types): The subscriber visited the page. If applicable, this status denotes subscribers who did not submit a form.
  • Submitted (all form and unsubscribe landing pages): The subscriber visited the page and submitted the form. This status overrides the visited status.

Additionally, Informz generates three target groups based on these statuses:

  • Visited (all landing page types): All subscribers who visited the page (whether they submitted a form or not, they are still counted as visitors).
  • Submitted (all form landing pages): All subscribers who visited the page and submitted the form.
  • Visited but did not Submit (all form landing pages): All subscribers who visited the page and did not submit the form.

Subscribers can be in multiple target groups. For example, all visitors who did not submit a form are added to the Visited and Visited but did not Submit target groups.

Please note that Unsubscribe landing pages do not create target groups.

All statuses are visible on the landing page report and subscriber windows.

Predictive Analytics

Informz now includes a Predictive Analytics feature on the Mailing Designer’s Send tab that forecasts delivery, open, and click rates based on subscribers’ past performance. This feature looks at subscribers who are going to receive the new mailing and creates metrics based on their activity over the past 90 days.

Because Predictive Analytics are based on past performance, if 20% or fewer of your subscribers in the corresponding target group received a mailing in the past 90 days, you won’t see any predicted analytics (there won’t be enough data to draw upon).

Please note that Predictive Analytics includes test subscribers in the metrics. This is because test groups factor into the Mailing Activity Report.

All predictions are removed from the Send tab after the mailing has been sent.

Preferences and Password Change Pop-Ups

With the new site wrapper, we’ve changed the dialogue for Preferences to a pop-up window. Additionally, we’ve added a pop-up window for Passwords. These can be accessed from the user dropdown list.

Click Preferences to change your preferences. Here, you can change your:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Time Zone Preference
  • Quickmail Layout Selection Preference
  • Mailing Designer Help Preference

Click Password to change your password. Here, you’ll need to enter your old password and your new password as well as a confirmation of your new password. All fields are required.

Passwords must be at least seven characters long, and contain at least one of each of the following:

  • Letter
  • Number
  • Special Character

Click Save in either window to save any changes.

Web Tracking Reports

We've added a tab to Web Tracking Reports for Unknown Users (users without a subscriber ID). To find this report, navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking. It contains the following fields:

  • Domain: Domain name.
  • Number of Users: The number of unknown users from the above domain.
  • Sessions
  • Pages: Unique pages viewed within the tracked domain.
  • Page Views
  • Interactions
  • Last Visit Date: The most recent date an unknown user from the above domain visited the tracked page.

The Web Tracking Report groups all unknown users by domain (where they come from).

If you delete or deactivate a web tracking domain, any existing data persists in the web tracking reports. This maintains a record of previous activity. However, these domains no longer add data to the reports.