2016-11-18 (2016.10)

Release Date: November 18, 2016

This release focuses on new features that improve usability and target groups, as well as many backend changes to improve performance.

iMIS Send Time Localization

Informz now supports a new feature called Send Time Localization for clients using iMIS. This feature looks at subscribers’ US Zip Codes in the iMIS database and correlates it to a time zone, then correlates the time zone to the preferred mailing publish time. For example, if you send a mailing at 2:00 pm in your time zone, subscribers receive that mailing at 2:00 pm in their own time zone. Likewise, if an organization sends a mailing from their New York City office at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time, subscribers in San Francisco receive the mailing at 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time!


You can access Send Time Localization from the Send tab in the Mailing Designer.

From the Send tab, click Schedule Mailing to view the scheduling options. Select Localized as your Delivery Method.

Other Notes

  • If subscribers’ do not have time zone data in iMIS, Informz uses the sender’s time zone.
  • If the publish time has already passed in the subscribers’ time zone, the mailing publishes immediately. For example, if an organization in San Francisco schedules a mailing for 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time, subscribers in New York City receive the mailing at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (i.e. 9:00 PST).
  • You need to have Integration Personalizations active in your account to use iMIS Send Time Localization.

This feature is available to all iMIS users.

iMIS Zip Code Radius Target Groups

iMIS users can now create target groups based on a zip code radius (i.e. postal code in some countries). By entering a zip code and a specified radius, Informz can create a target group of subscribers within that radius. Note that you need to have Integration Personalizations active in your account to use this feature because the data is drawn from personalization information.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

Click the dropdown list and select iMIS Zip Code Radius.

Click Create.

Enter a Name, Folder, Radius, Zip Code, and Country for your target group. Note that the only countries currently available are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

When you enter a Zip Code, the window expands and displays the Google Map view with yours selected radius highlighted.

Click Create Target Group to finalize and create your target group.

This feature is available to all iMIS users.

Mailing List View Performance

We’ve optimized the Mailing List view in Informz to improve loading performance.

Subscriber List View

We’ve improved the loading performance of the Subscriber List View (Subscribers > Search).

Target Group Cleanup

There is a new feature for all accounts that automatically deletes unused target groups after a user-specified timeframe.

To access this feature, navigate to the System Settings page and scroll down to the Target Group Automatic Cleanup heading.

Click the Activate checkbox to turn on the feature.

Use the dropdown lists to select a Number and Timeframe (days/months/years). Any target group (of the specified type) that is unused for this timeframe is automatically deleted. You can specify Interests, Compounds, Interests & Compounds, or All Types of target groups.

Enter any email addresses for individuals to notify when a target group is deleted through this process.