2016-08-26 (2016.6)

Release Date: August 26, 2016

This release focuses primarily on enhancements and fixes to Informz.

Account Management

Account Manager

Users with the Account Manager permission (but not the Admin permission) can now access Invoices by navigating to Admin > Ordering > Invoices.

Deleting Users

When deleting an Authorized User, Informz now opens a confirmation pop-up. The pop-up contains a checkbox (checked by default) that asks if the user should be unsubscribed from receiving mailings.

API Interests

We’ve made the following updates to API Interests:
  • Interests now include a Start Date and End Date parameter.
    • Start and End Dates must be within one week of one another unless you specify an interest_name or subscriber_email.
  • The following parameters are now optional: interest_name and subscriber_email.
    • If you include the interest_name, the API context only looks at changes for that interest.
    • If you specify the subscriber_email parameter, the API content only returns changes for that specific account.

netFORUM Enterprise 2014/2015 Writebacks

The following netFORUM Enterprise 2014/2015 writebacks now contain the mailing name in the description:
  • Sent
  • Opened
  • Hyperlink Click
  • Advertising Click

Subscriber Upload

Email Validation

We’ve improved our subscriber upload process to better validate email addresses.

Email addresses can use the following characters:

  • Uppercase and Lowercase Latin Letters: a-z and A-Z
  • Digits: 0-9
  • Characters: ! # $ % ‘ * + - / = ? ^ _ { | } . @

Terminology Change

The word Import has been changed to Upload everywhere in Informz to ensure that our user interface reflects our best practices.

Target Groups

General Updates

We’ve made several improvements to target groups, most notably around target group deletion.
  • Target groups are now protected and cannot be deleted when connected to an active Compound target group.
  • You cannot undelete Compound target groups without first undeleting their component target groups. When undeleting a compound that contains deleted component target groups, you’ll receive a warning message that the components need to be undeleted.
  • When editing a Compound target group, Informz now checks to make sure that all of the component target groups are active/undeleted. If there are any errors, the compound becomes invalid. You’ll receive a warning message that lists the target groups that need to be undeleted.

Bulk Target Group Deletion

When you delete target groups in bulk, Informz now immediately deletes all target groups without validation issues and then opens a list of target groups that could not be deleted along with any reasons.

Test Mailings

We’ve restored the Prepend Content to Story feature to the Test Mailing page. Please note that responsive templates will not render properly when prepending content.

Virtual Inbox

We’ve improved the paid Virtual Inbox Test all spam filters (offered by Litmus testing) are now run and displayed.