2016-08-12 (2016.5.3)

Release Date: August 12, 2016

This release focuses primarily on fixes and enhancements related to Informz’s Marketing Automation features.


General Changes

There is a new change to campaigns that allows subscribers to go through the same campaign multiple times. By default, subscribers cannot repeat a campaign more than once. However, a new option on the Campaign Properties window allows you to set the Re-Entry Settings to “Yes” (this allows subscribers to re-enter a campaign).

When you select “Yes,” the menu expands to include additional options.

Select a Minimum Wait Time to set the time period (days/weeks/months). This prevents subscribers from re-entering a campaign until that time period has passed.

Select a Maximum Number of times a subscriber can re-enter to set a maximum number of times a subscriber can go through the campaign (between 1 and 25).

Copying Campaign Mailings

When a regular mailing is copied into a campaign mailing, Informz removes some advanced features of an individual mailing that are not currently supported within a campaign. This ensures that the mailing works properly with the campaign. The following advanced features are removed from a copied mailing:

  • Test Groups
  • Do Not Send To
  • Tentative Send Date

Date Step

There is a new Date step in the campaign designer that branches a campaign based on the calendar date. It is particularly useful for fixed-date campaigns and events that can add late subscribers. Users can input a fixed date. If it is before the fixed date, the campaign will follow one path, and if it is after the fixed date, the campaign will follow an alternative path.

In the example above, if subscribers arrive at the Date Decision by 11:59:59 PM on 08/09, they will go to the Green path (Confirmation). If they arrive at 12:00:00 AM on 08/10, they will go to the Red path (Late Registration).

The Date step does not need to be validated as long as it is not blank. It can be before the current day (useful for editing in-progress campaigns). The time zone can be freely set.

The campaign evaluates the date for the date step when each subscriber hits this step in the campaign flow. Typically, you’ll set a date in the future so that the flow can change when the date arrives.

Subscriber Report

We’ve made improvements to speed up column sorting in this report.


You can now view the details of a campaign step by hovering that step in the campaign designer. Tooltips appear in the main campaign view and the Flow tab of the campaign’s reports. The information in these tooltips is read-only, and each tooltip only displays the step’s specified options. Note that the tooltip does not display for Start and Stop steps.

The table below details each different campaign step and the information that displays:

Campaign Step Details
Campaign The name of the new campaign.
Date Branches the campaign based on the date that the subscriber flows through this step. The green arrow reads “Date is Before” and the red arrow reads “Date is on or After.”
Decide The name of the target group that sets the path.
Mailing Send Mailing [name of mailing].
Notify A comma-separated list of email addresses of those to be notified and the message to be sent.
Profile The process [Add or Remove] and a comma-separated list of selected interests and opt-outs.
Wait The wait condition, including the wait interval and the continue parameters [when continue, time, date, time zone].

Wait Step

There are three new options in the wait step:

  • Until Day of Week: Specify a day of the week, time of day, and the time zone.
  • Until Day of Month: Specify the day of the month, the time of day, and the time zone. Please note that if the date selected is invalid (e.g. February 31), the step defaults to the last day of the selected month.
  • Until Event Occurs: Specify an event (an open or click of a previously sent mailing) and the maximum amount of time to wait. Please note that this step requires a mailing (if there is no mailing, the campaign reports an error).

All options prior to these new options are grouped as Fixed Amount of Time.

Wait steps can be chained/linked together.

In Test mode, all wait steps (regardless of wait time) last ten minutes.

The new options in the wait step do not affect any previously-built campaigns.


You can now see revenue on the mailing list, campaign list, and campaign report. However, to make this work, you'll  need to use Web Tracking and have it track purchases.

Mailing List

The following fields are now available on the Sent tab of the mailing list (if you are using Web Tracking):

  • Page Views (active by default)
  • Unique Visitors
  • Unique Pages
  • Interactions
  • Purchases
  • Purchases Total (active by default)

Campaign List

The following fields are now available on the Sent tab of the campaign list (if you are using Web Tracking):

  • Purchases
  • Purchases Total (active by default)

Campaign Report

The following changes now affect the Campaign Report:

  • The Campaign Info section now contains the description.
  • The Campaign Revenue Generated section becomes available if you have Web Tracking.
  • The Campaign Subscriber section has moved down in the interface.
  • The Recent Campaign Activity section has been reduced in width.
  • The Mailings tab contains all items in the Sent tab (see above).

Subscriber Pop-Up Window

A new tab, Webinars, is now available on the Subscriber Pop-Up Window. The tab only appears with the webinar integration extension.

The tab displays all webinars registered for by the subscriber and any webinars that have been attended (indicated by a Green Checkmark). Additionally, the tab includes the name and date of the webinar.

Please note that only attended webinars are listed.

Syncing Subscribers Without An Email Address

If a query used to sync with Informz includes subscribers without an email address, a new subscriber record is no longer created in Informz. Any subscribers without an email address previously created in Informz via a sync will remain in your Informz account. This applies to the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise
  • netFORUM Pro
  • Personify360

Web Tracking Target Group: Did Not Convert

There is a new web tracking target group (Did Not Convert) that identifies subscribers who visited a page on a web page, but did not go through the steps on that page (e.g. a download page). Additionally, the target group includes all users that went to an event page, but did not sign up for that event. The new target group is, essentially, a compound of these two conditions.