2016-07-14 (2016.5.2)

Release Date: July 14, 2016

This release focuses primarily on fixes and enhancements related to Landing Pages & Forms.


The text in the KnowledgeBase search bar now reads “Search KnowledgeBase.” Previously, it read “Search for Articles.”

Landing Pages


The following general changes affect the Landing Pages & Forms functionality:

  • There is now a freeform input box for unsubscribers who wish to enter an unsubscribe reason (rather than selecting from preset options).
  • Landing Pages cannot have the same name as another Landing Page, even if the other page has been deleted or archived.
  • You can now use Asset Manager to provide images for Landing Pages.
  • New accent boxes appear on the top of your landing page. Additionally, accent boxes are allowed to overlap existing page fields and elements. Note that other elements cannot overlap.

Grouping Items

When working with Landing Page fields, you can select multiple items together by pressing Ctrl + Click. These fields can be moved together as a group. Additionally, you can select multiple items by clicking and dragging over a region in the designer. You can use any of the green handles to move items in the designer. You do not have to drag around existing items; rather, you can drag through any existing items to reposition different fields.

Mobile Tab

Fields and elements from the Design tab can now be hidden on the Mobile tab (fields and elements will appear by default). Click the Gear icon in the Design tab to access the Show on Mobile Version checkbox. If unchecked, the Design tab field/element becomes hidden in the Mobile version.

Process Tab

The Process tab now includes an Add a Note text box as well as the following text: “An email will be sent to the following people to let them know that a user filled out the form. The email these people receive will contain a note, along with the fields of data that were submitted via the form.”

Style Flyout Menu

You can now select letter spacing (1-10 px) and Line Height for Paragraphs, H1, and H2 in the Text and Headers section of the Style Flyout Menu. Additionally, there are new controls for font size and line height for buttons and inputs.

There is a new option in the Style Flyout Menu called Validation that allows you to view how your changes appear before they are made to the live form.

Under the Text and Headers heading, you can change the style and color of all hyperlinks. The default styles are as follows:

  • Style: Underline
  • Color: #0000ee (standard blue hyperlink)

Validation Styling

You can set the validation message styles for different field. Previously, you could only set the field as required. Now, you can style the validation message as well using the following parameters:

  • Location of validation message (above/below/left/right)
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Font
  • Font Style
  • Border
  • Padding


You can add a checkbox to allow Landing Page viewers to unsubscribe from all mailings. The checkbox reads “Check here to unsubscribe from all mailings” and is not editable. When checked, all other form fields are disabled. Note that the email field always defaults to the original email address when unsubscribing.

When a user clicks Submit and the unsubscribe checkbox is checked, users receive a message indicating that they have been unsubscribed. Unsubscribing does not remove a subscriber’s profile information.

If an unknown subscriber (no email address) navigates to the Landing Page, the unsubscribe checkbox becomes hidden.

The Unsub Reason Option and Unsub Reason Text are now available. The latter adds a text field to the form.

Please note that you cannot edit the text of the unsubscribe checkbox.

Landing Pages (Webinars)

You can use Landing Pages to register subscribers for webinars. Note that an individual landing page can only support one webinar session (multiple webinars or multiple sessions are not supported). You can add webinars to Subscription and Profile Form landing pages.

Design Tab

In the Design tab, Personal Info fields now have the option to become a dropdown Webinar Registration Field. You can access this feature with the Gear icon. There are three available options:

  • Blank/Empty
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Note that Informz requires First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for webinar registration (email address is automatically captured from the default Email field on the form).

If you select either First Name or Last Name from the dropdown list, the field is automatically set to Required.

Process Tab

On the Process tab, there is a new Register the user for a Webinar heading. This contains a dropdown list of all eligible webinars. Within this new section, there is also a help link called Can’t find the right webinar? Click this link to open a dialogue with a list all ineligible webinars (e.g. webinars that already took place, inactive webinars, etc.). Click Refresh Webinars in this dialogue to refresh the list.

If a previously-selected webinar is no longer considered eligible, you’ll receive a message noting that you’ll need to select a different webinar.

Webinars are eligible when they meet all of the following conditions:

  • The webinar belongs to an active organizer within the active webinar integration (if either the integration or the organizer are inactive, the webinar does not appear).
  • The webinar is in the future (users cannot register for a historic webinar).
  • The webinar does not require custom registration fields. In GoToWebinar, organizers can require registrants to enter additional fields (beyond First and Last Name). Currently, Informz does not support these fields, and including them excludes the webinar from the list.

If a webinar is unavailable, click Can't Find Your Webinar. This opens a window that indicates which webinars are unavailable.

Test and Live Views

Informz registers subscribers for the webinar immediately after they submit the landing page. This is followed by a confirmation message (on success) or an error message (if there was a problem registering). Note that subscribers can register for the same webinar multiple times (duplicate registrations are ignored).

Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration has been updated so that Informz will bring over any Salesforce Report Type as long as it has a ContactID or LeadID. This allows any field named CONTACT_ID to be interpreted as Contact_ID, regardless of whether the underscore is any other character.

Subscriber Pop-Up Window

There is a new tab in the Subscriber Pop-Up Window called Landing Pages. This tab only exists within brands that have the Landing Page extension. It will display the following information:

  • Visited Landing Page Name
  • Date Visited
  • User Interactions (if applicable):
    • Visited: Accessed the page, but did not enter information.
    • Started: Entered information, but did not submit.
    • Submitted: Entered and submitted information.


Informz now has a new validation check to alleviate problems experienced with email addresses interpreted as invalid. The sync now corrects minor issues in an email address, so some addresses that would fail the validation might now pass because of these corrections.

This validation applies to the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise
  • netFORUM Pro
  • Nimble (Salesforce)
  • Personify360
  • Salesforce

Target Groups

There are four new target groups related to Landing Pages:

  • Landing Page: Visited
  • Landing Page: Submitted Form
  • Landing Page: Started but Did Not Submit Form
  • Landing Page: Visited but Did Not Submit Form

The target group name will automatically replace the prefix “Landing Page” with the user-defined landing page name. Note that you cannot change the target group name manually. Rather, if you change the Landing Page name, the target group name will update automatically.

You can specify the target group folder in the Save dialogue. The default folder is Landing Pages.

If you delete, deactivate, or archive a Landing Page, the associated target groups remain active.