2016-07-07 (KnowledgeBase)

We know that everyone learns differently. Extending that a bit, everyone has different preferences about how to get help.

To make more articles discoverable via scanning (rather than search), we've expanded the number of first level categories.

The previous How-To category served us well, but we are retiring it in favor of eight new categories that represent functional areas of Informz. To find something about templates, and you don't want to search, you'll now see the new category, Templates & Story Layouts. Click on it, and then look at all of the sub-categories and articles contained therein.

Here's what the new category hierarchy now looks like:

As a result of removing the How To category, we've also altered the buttons on the home page of The KnowledgeBase.

  • How To has been replaced with Integrations
  • Marketing Automation has been added