2016-06-24 (2016.5.1)

Release Date: June 24, 2016

Authorized User Time Zones

New users created in Informz must be assigned a time zone. This is done through a time zone selector.

A new user must have a time zone before you can save. If you do not select a time zone, a warning displays.

For users that work in child accounts, the time zone will carry through as long as the user has the maintain child account permissions active (the child account time zone settings will be independent of the parent account). The time zone will synchronize between the Preferences and Authorized User pages. When it is changed in one place, it changes in the other. This ensures that when authorized users schedule a mailing, it is in their own time zone.

Online Version Change

Informz changed how the URLs for online versions of mailings are created from March 2015 forward. Support for the old format will be removed, and the old online versions are being blocked externally to improve security (a new index is in place). Any versions that are older than March 2015 are no longer available.

Prepend Options

​For templates that use responsive design, content that was prepended to the mailing content caused formatting problems, so the feature was removed. You can still prepend to subject lines.

This was the old view:

Here is the current view:

Testing Connection

The statuses on the Check Connection page have been updated. The basic functionality remains the same.

This applies to the following integrations:

  • Aptify
  • Association Anywhere
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise
  • netFORUM Pro
  • Nimble (Salesforce)
  • Personify360
  • Salesforce

Transactional Module: iMIS

After creating a transactional mailing, you can now refresh transactional SQL data from iMIS. This allows you to have access to the most current data. Click Refresh on the View and Test page to refresh the data.

There are no changes to the way transactional mailings are published.